Monday, June 27, 2011

Windy Corner Market kinda Sunday

What a great cap to a lovely weekend!
Barry and I spent the great no humidity (yes in KY!) sunny day outside mulching our front lawn.  We had debated on even doing it this year but Oh my goodness what a difference it makes!  It's kind of like going to buy new running shoes, you don't realize how bad the old ones looked till you get new ones!
Saturday evening we went over to the Mullanix's home for a great dinner on their deck.  We enjoyed time with them and their sweet little Ava.  She has such a personality that you just can't stop smiling when your around her.  Jessica had made a wonderful dinner and key lime pie.  I doubt she has ever created a bad meal in her life, everything at their house is always delicious!  We enjoyed watching Ava's first encounter with lightening bugs (which apparently are a scary creature to a three year old)  :) 

The little porch where we ate.
Sunday morning involved a light breakfast made by B and a great service on marriage at Broadway Christian.  After church we took a slow drive under clouded skies to Windy Corner Market. It was our first time eating there and oh what a treat!  The owners of Wallace Station and Holly Hill Inn created this lovely little spot a few months ago and I had been hearing great things about it.  The drive out was soothing and 100% Kentucky as the stone fences and horse farms rode past us.  The building looks like an old home and the food, and merchandise (soaps, dishes, art etc) is all Kentucky Proud.  We enjoyed sitting on the screened in porch that was accompanied by a cool breeze and chill bumps.  Barry ordered a bourbon bacon burger and I had a sprouts and tofu salad.  The food was delicous, however note to self, when you go to a place whose main menu consists of 12 types of PoBoys, don't order a salad.  While the salad was delicious, I was jealous of every warm smell and big fat sandwich that walked by.  Guess that means we have to go back really soon?  :) 

Don't laugh at my elf ear.  You know it happens to the best of us. :)

Great views surrounding the place.


  1. Woah, that food looks amazing! And you are absolutely beautiful! xoxo, ashley

  2. Seriously? My most favorite blogger commented on me.....? I'm beyond excited and happy! Thank you Little Miss Momma!