Monday, April 30, 2012

What's up Weekend.

We had a superb weekend with our little family, spending time with just the 3 of us.
Barry worked in the yard tackling dandelions that had grown to an Alice in Wonderland proportion.  Seriously, these four foot monsters had taken over our flower beds since we hadn't touched anything out there in about a month.  I attempted to get some everyday house work done and we both loved on Baby Henry!   We were able to get out and run some errands just the two of us while D & K watched Henry on Saturday.
Sunday was probably Henry's most eventful day yet.  We went to church for the first time and he did awesome!  It was great to see everyone, and they were all delighted to see our little man.  It was a sweet experience to be in the house of God again holding our special new blessing.  I always loved listening/singing praise and worship music and feeling him move inside of me, it was a kind of special experience I'll never forget. But worshiping God and looking into this sweet face is pretty much unbeatable.
We had been reading to Henry during his awake times and felt like he didn't have enough books.  So we took a little stroll to our favorite local bookstore Joseph-Beth.  Barry and I could spend days upon days in this place, he upstairs in the intelligent section and me downstairs in the children's literature.  :) We had a blast looking at books and picking things out for him.  I have a feeling that we can add a new item to my dangerous Henry spending habits.  It now include hats, shoes, and books.  

We discovered a section of books called the Little Miss Austin series.  Um pretty sure if your reading this to your kid he should be sporting a monocle. 

All in all a fabulous weekend.  GB2G

What was your weekend like?

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Turn My Camera On

Who has Spoon in their head now?  :)
Having a really cute baby means that you need to charge your camera battery frequently.  In my opinion the most important thing I can do these days is to hold, kiss and stare at this precious face.  Inevitably that means lots of pic snapping. 

I've always liked taking pictures, always had my camera with me but now just snapping a shot isn't enough.  I have to at least take 10 pictures of the same situation/face.  (ya know their all gonna be a little different since this little man is so expressive).  Needless to say I might need a bigger memory card.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Due Date

April 22nd.  

A date that has been stuck in Barry and I's mine since August.  I'd say it was the best possible way to spend Henry's due date. 

We started our morning with cuddles, coffee, and staring at these big blue eyes while listening to praise and worship music and counting our blessings.

Henry had quite a few visitors today and was such a good baby for it all.

He then went on his first walk.  

 Yep we were those parents.  :)  Proud and documenting it all.

Pretty good way to spend the day you were suppose to get here.  :)  We are so happy to have had you these three extra weeks.  :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our First Date....(with a baby)

Last night Barry and I went on our first date as parents.  His Mom and Dad came over to watch little Henry.  We are so lucky to have family so close willing and wanting to watch his little precious face. :)

We had a great dinner at Rossi's.  It was weird to be without Henry but extremely nice to have time with just the two of us.  

We both realized how important that time was together, and how we have to make it a priority to keep time for us too.  This little blessing wouldn't be, without us first having the blessing of our love for each other.  Reminds me of this little picture we have in Henry's nursery.  It says "First we had each other. Then we had you.  Now we have everything."  It's so true.  :) GB2G

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday. Lil Man's First Two Weeks.

 Your Daddy is slightly less than thrilled when he has to leave us for work.  So his first call of duty when he arrives home each day is to hold you.  :)  
 I like carrying you around so we tried this out one evening.  Mommy has to get much more talented at tying this wrap before we can make it a daily habit.  :)
 Your so good at sleeping.  Especially being cute and sleeping.

We've experimented with a paci. (though they are half the size of your face)  You seem to like them at times but prefer we hold them for you. (which kind of defeats the purpose) :)

You had your very first Easter and got to hang out with your grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and met your cousins Elise and Noah for the first time.
 Elise kept saying "He's soooo cute."  and commented that she had :Never seen something like a Henry before.  Your pretty mind blowing little man!

 Our first picture of the three of us.....not in the hospital.  Oh Happy Day!

Most your days are spent just being awesome.  You get better at it each day.  It's truly amazing.

This is what you look like when I attempt to wake you for a feeding.  It's like your pleading to be left alone and snuggled in a blanket.
 My favorite Easter Bunny.  :)  You love your Rock N' Play. 
 Showing everyone how to chill out. Ya know just relaxin, maxin, acting all cool! 
 Showing Dad your Anthony Davis like wing span.
 You were dancing here.
 Just staring at your Momma.  Don't worry there are 20 more pictures I snapped during this 2 minute span of gazing.
 Love this little face.  your sweet feet. and the fact that you love to get one hand out of your mitten shirts. 
 This is what a milk coma looks like at 2 weeks and 3 days old.  You fed for 10 minutes and were out.  So exhausting no?
 Your Guardian Pup.  He is no longer just my shadow.  He is always worried about you.  If you make a noise he's more than likely the first one in your room.  This picture shows his typical, if you're napping in your crib and we aren't in the room he's probably going to be found lying in the hallway outside your door.  :)
These two weeks have flown by.  Your changing.  Your cheeks are getting chubbier.   We are loving you more and more.  Let's soak up every moment baby boy.  These are the best days.  :)  
GB2G ~Glory Be to God 
So thankful.