Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Super Hero Dad Who Loves Us

Baby Henry,
Your Daddy loves us so much.  Of course you probably have heard me say that before, but the last few days he has been a super hero of sorts.  Hanging on to questions and few answers given by our doctors each day has surely been an emotional/mental strain for him, but you wouldn't know it.
He has spent each day right here with us, not wanting to leave our side.  I know you like it when he talks to you through the belly button microphone.  He sleeps on the little make shift bed next to us each night and during the day does anything he can to make us feel better and more at ease.

Since mommy hadn't packed our bags yet this has involved him going home each day to have a scavenger hunt.  He reads and follows instructions such as "get waterproof mascara, the pink tube not the gold one, in the third clear plastic drawer under the makeup brushes, on the bottom shelf of the bathroom closet".
He picked out mittens, hats, and onesies for you to wear (of course he threw in some UK gear).  He has also worn his super hero cape to stores that are typically despised by most men, like BuyBuyBaby where he purchased girly things such as a diaper bag and belly butter.  :)  He bought you sheets that he then took home and washed so you would have a clean place to sleep when we get home. 

The best thing your Daddy does is let us know how much he loves us.  He's always telling us how much we mean to him and touching us to make us feel good.  He prays with us daily in such a strong way.
Your dad can't wait to meet you Sweet baby boy.  (and your mommy can't either)  :)  Your so loved.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Plans to be Changed

Sometimes plans change.
 It is ironic that Monday night I finished typing up our birth plan to tell doctor's how we wanted our natural birth to go...............
On Tuesday I left work feeling like someone was sitting on my chest.  The pressure was coming and going with Braxton Hicks contractions and had happened before but this time felt worse.  I called my midwife to see what they thought I should do and since it was after 4:00pm they said I needed to go to the hospital to be checked out.  
In my mind I had no time for this, I had a 6:30 BarreAmped work out class to teach and was going to meet up with a friend before hand for a quick bite.  I really didn't feel like it was neccesary for me to go but long story short I changed into my spandex ready to teach class and headed to the hospital.  
My blood pressure was high, to high for them to allow me to leave.  So I was admitted for the night for tests and trying to find answers.  We had an ultrasound to find out that Henry was doing great and is an approximate 6.1 lbs!  Though 36 weeks seems like I am ready to go for whatever Nancy our midwife decided said that they really wanted us to try to get to 37 weeks since little white males develop their lungs later in the womb.  
So here it is Friday and we have been playing the same game each day.  On hospital bed rest, I am allowed to get up and go to the bathroom or lay down.  Running a 12, 24, and yet another 24 hr urine analysis checking my protein levels, and 5am wake up calls to have blood taken and check platelet levels each day.  I am continuing to creep towards the preeclampsia state so they are looking at labs day by day to decide whether or not I should be induced.  The upside to this is that we get to hear little Henry's heartbeat about 4-5 hours a day.  

From Pinterest
So as the big weekend of basketball in the bluegrass approaches, it's not exactly high on our priority list.  Right now we are focused on the basketball in my belly and how to get him safely in our arms.  God is our guide on this journey.  We are feeling so much love from friends and family as they send up prayers, visit us, call, text, and send happy thoughts attached to balloons.   We know we are in good hands and are trying to stay patient through this process of the waiting games. 
Quite a small price to pay when you look at the grand scheme.
I feel blessed that we have a healthy baby boy growing in my belly that has made it to 36 weeks, the road that gets him here from this point on won't matter once he's resting in our arms. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love my Blog on Bloglovin

Recently I started following blogs via Bloglovin.  Ya know it's all the rage these days. :)  So now you can follow portofthoughts on blogloving as well. 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It's a really easy way to keep up with all the blogs you love to read.  Each time there is a new post it give you a preview of it and you can click to view it from there.  Happy Following! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Final Four (In more ways than one)

Yesterday made for a wild time here in the Bluegrass as Kentucky beat Baylor to head to the final four for the 2nd year in a row under the amazing coaching provided by John Calipari. 

Our Wildcats are beyond talented again this year with another #1 draft pick in Anthony Davis and a true leader with MKG Michael Kidd Gilchrist.  Now we are headed to the Final Four in New Orleans to beat none other than the Filthy Dirty Louisville Cardinals, coached by the trader of and ex coach head coach of UK Rick Pitino. 

This state is going nuts this week and as Louisville and Kentucky go head to head in one of the highest rivalry Final Four games I believe most of the KY Proud nation will be bleeding BLUE!
Barry, Belly and I are headed into our Final Four weeks of pregnancy....(well at least until our due date).  I feel better now at 36 weeks than I did at 32. 

The only thing scaring me these days are how strong these kicks and jabs are getting from deep within the womb......Sure feels like a big strong baby, I just hope he knows how to make himself magically shrink into a jello mold on that big day!  :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What We are up to on this fabulous March Madness Weekend!

The weather has been bizarre warm the past week and a half hitting record high's in the 80's and with no humidity or bugs it pretty much feels like we live in heaven.  So on a Friday night we took a perfect lil' bike ride as the sunset and flower blooms fell from the trees around us.  B also got to see lil'man's legs in my belly as they stretched out in search of room. :)  

We then headed to our coma inducing couch to watch the CATS play Indiana in the Tourney.  This turned out to be a bad choice for this lil' momma.  I somehow fell asleep at half time (like full on drool and snoring sleep), and barely stayed coherent for the last 6 minutes of our 102-90 win over the Hoosiers.  Ah revenge victories are sweet!
Today we had the pleasure of a visit from Linsey and Clay.  They drove all the way down here for lunch just to see us one last time before Henry arrives. :)  What sweet friends.  :)  Now it's down to business in this house.  Checking off that ever growing baby to do list and watching Louisville and Florida play for a spot in the next round.  Geez deciding who to cheer for is like deciding which leg I want amputated. 

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

In a month...

Good News:
  • Yesterday, March 22nd  officially marked a month out from our due date. 
  • Today we are 36 weeks which means this little man can come anytime now and be good and healthy.
  • My feet have started swelling, especially after walking all day at school.  But even though I feel like I'm squeezin Miss Piggies tootsies into my flats I know I don't have it near as bad as some, and I'm very lucky not to be pregnant during the super hot months.
I have an amazingly talented sister who sweetly took maternity pictures for us yesterday.  Here is a sneak peek....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Properly Clean Your Belly Button

Step 1 -Get pregnant
Step 2 -Grow a nice baby belly
Step 3 -Get soap and wash your belly as normal.  

And WaaaaLaaaa the cleanest little belly button you've ever owned!  I'm cleaning crevices I never knew existed in there!  :) 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Love for Baby Henry

This past weekend was 100% perfection.

As I previously posted Saturday started off wonderfully with amazing weather and some QT (quality time) with my main squeeze.  :)  Then I had my family baby shower to attend.  I loved every minute of the wonderful event.
Hosted by my aunt Cindy who always does everything too perfection I was welcomed with adorable decorations, tasty treats, and smiles from some of the women I love most.  It was such a memorable day for me, walking around getting some belly love and gifts galore.  I can't wait for Henry Thomas to meet these amazing ladies he will be surrounded by. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Perfect Saturday

What a fabulous Saturday.  We started our day by sleeping in and then throwing on our hats for a drive through horse farms on our way to breakfast. The amazing warm temperatures are continuing and I sported my flippy floppies as we strolled into the cutesy place for breakfast, the Coffee Pub.  We will definitely be back!  We enjoyed our leisurely time together and came back home to play with Kman in the yard.

How could the day get any better?  Well my aunt Cindy threw my family shower today!  I spent the rest of the afternoon Feeling soooo blessed to have amazing family who love this lil guy so much already! :)

For now I'll change into my blue and white as we prepare to cheer on the cats in the NCAA tournament. :) I'm one happy girl!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Last Party of Two

We decided to drop all house/baby work for one weekend and head down to the houseboat for a quick getaway.  We were blessed with awesome weather and pure relaxation.  I got caught up on mad amounts of sleep as the water rocked the boat back and forth like a cradle.  It was such a sweet treat to have time with my husband laughing, talking, and enjoying eachothers company without worrying about things that need to be done.  Much of our time was spent cuddled on the couch watching basketball as March Madness was kicking off and our Kentucky Wildcats hit the floor in the SEC tournament.  What a fun way to spend a weekend!

Hard to believe that was the last time we will ever head to the lake without having a stroller in tow.  :) 
Sunday we stopped by my parents for an impromptu party as my mom called it.  The whole fam was there to eat lunch together and cheer on the CATS.  What a weekend!  :)