Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Brings....

Spring has sprung early this year. Feb 26 and I am taking a shot of this lil guy.
Since winter never decided to show up I will quit pouting, put my snow boots up, and hope that next year brings lots of the white fluffy stuff I love so much so I can show lil'man how to throw snow balls!

Meanwhile the early spring means early allergies. And if you don't remember this girl can't take her shots while pregnant which means I'm pretending alot. I'm kinda looking like this post again....
Pretending that Benadryl works for me.
Pretending that Barry believes Vaseline rubbed on my red nose and a night stand filled with used tissues is total hottness every night. ;) OwOw!
Pretending that sneezing 15 times in a row with an occasional accompaniment of pee on myself is cool. ( yep I said it, lets not pretend 3rd trimester is ALL Glamorous) :)
Pretending Kleenex is given out mad royalties to the lady who goes through more than one box a day!
Ahhhh Choo!

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