Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Baby Brain Real?

Whenever my friends would speak of "baby brain" I would always think to myself, "nice excuse blame it on the baby....puh leaze!"  
So it only serves me right that I seem to have gotten quite the dose of it during my pregnancy.

There have been simple things like forgetting my keys to my classroom 10+ times or trying to cook and burning things with no avail.  (aka the famous chili cookoff) or putting peanut butter in the refrigerator and ice cream in the cabinet...
Then there has been the issue of speech.  From the beginning I have felt like I could not form an intelligent sentence to save my life.  By the time I get home most days communication between Barry and I looks something like a pantomime playing charades.  
I also loved the time that I went to visit a friend in the hospital, a hospital I had visited a million times before.  I walked right in and headed to the wrong building, proceeded to get on the wrong elevator with a clearly marked sign and didn't realize it until it stopped on the 3rd floor and a janitor got on and asked if I was lost.....hmmmm

But wait upon arriving at the correct building I pushed the up button and waited 3 minutes for an elevator to open before noticing this sign......
Yes friends, I'm not making this up!

 Or how about the fact that on more than one occasion I have walked down my hall to see why I heard water running only to find the faucet I had used a good 5-10 minutes prior was still running full steam ahead..........
But, my all time favorite baby brain moment has to be me walking into work not understanding why my car was making a weird alarm sound.  (hmmmm this must be what happens when you lock the car standing so close to it)  Then 20 minutes later someone comes in from the parking lot where I can clearly hear the odd noise still ringing out...
So I go out to check and discover that cars sometimes sound an alarm when pregnant women get out of the car and try to lock it while leaving it in DRIVE instead of PARK!  Whew good thing that car was heavy and the parking lot flat.....

Yes babies make you crazy, and I just hope I regain all brain cells in time for his arrival. :)

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