Monday, February 6, 2012

How Long Does Chili Cook?

Crockpot cooking usually = easy meal, no?

Well, that's what I always thought at least until Saturday. B and I were making a trip up to Cincy to visit a great friend of mine from college and her husband and enter their 2nd annual chili cookoff!  Sounds like fun right?  
So Friday B, doing the wonderful husband duty went to the grocery to pick up all the goods to make my Dad's fantastic chili recipe.  Saturday morning, I slept in a bit and by 9:00 was browning turkey burger for the big bad chili while B was helping me put the rest of the ingredients into the crockpot.  
Ah yes, the house was smelling lovely and I began to get excited for a bowl of this goodness later.  Until, Barry called me into the nursery for a minute to look at something, which turned into a serious conversation about curtains, "I mean this is important Barry, do we keep the paisley print or go with big bold stripes?"  (Oh this poor man!)  Conversation ends abruptly with no real conclusion because I suddenly remembered there was meat cooking on the stove.  
Yeah you guessed it......Burnt to a crisp.  
Tasty right?
So in a mad haste I whisk it off the stove throwing meat all over the wall and all around the trash can as I threw it away.  UGH!  
So sweet hubby goes back to the grocery for me for round # 2.  
Here is where I will spare you the details other than to say the most amazing thing happened.  Um, it got burnt a second time.  
What?  You say, how could you possibly.  Oh but it happened!  
So preggo here immediately bursts into tears and screams something about how we will just have tomato bean soup and it will be awful!  
So charming husband.........yeah you guessed it.  He went back to the store for more meat.  :)

So this chili, took us 3 hours to just get cooking + the 6 hrs it took to cook all day once we got it to Cincy.  Yes, we hauled this crockpot full of the most expensive, time consuming chili all the way up there only to come in 6th place.  (I blame the travel time and my lack of being able to tweak it throughout the day with extra spices.)  :)
We did have a great time, and had some mad delicious chili to boot!  It was great to see Lins and Clay and all their northern friends and fam.  We also made a quick trip up to Ikea for some fabulous organization tools for the nursery.  Score!!!
This poor guy!

The Chili cookoff hostess with the mostest!

Last year's winner presenting the new King of Chili with his trophy.  :)

So how long does it take you to cook chili?

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