Friday, November 23, 2012

You dropped a bomb on me.

A photo bomb that is. 

 1st trip to the store in his loungemobile.

Take that!
If you can handle all that cuteness.  Just a few shots from Foto Reel Week 33.  This boy is to awesome for his own good.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

There is Always Something

Hustle bustle, rush around.
Pack the suitcases.
Hit the road.
Whip the potatoes.
Put the rolls in the oven.
Give hugs to family.
Put a lid on the green beans.


Be thankful.  
On a day like today many of us are blessed beyond our wildest dreams to have family and friends to celebrate with.  It's so easy to get caught up in the event and all that goes with it.  I challenge myself and you to stop and truly give thanks.  
 I adore the holidays and Thanksgiving is such a cozy fun time.  This year is more special than before, as we celebrate as a family of three. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
So thank you Lord for blessing me with an amazing family.  For allowing me to live close enough to them where time spent together is not just a once a year fling.  Thank you for friends who feel like family and fill me up with joy.  Thank you for the gift of being a mother and wife.  Thank you for the gift of our savior Jesus Christ and a church home to worship him in.  

P.S.thank you for Charlie Brown.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One for our History books.

We recently had our first ever family photo session.  I am very pleased with how they turned out. 

 The weather was perfect for some wonderful outdoor walking around at a local orchard. 
 Our normally jovial little man was less than smiley on this day.  The combination of amazing surroundings to look at + stranger flashing a light in your face = serious Henry.
Which in my humble opinion is just as cute.  I only wish his happy lil' personality could be seen here.  You'd think he'd be use to a camera by now huh...?

 This is one of my faves.  He had never sat in grass before and each time wanted to pick it up to eat as a side dish to the leafy main courses he was trying to gobble. 
 I love the few shots of Barry and I too.  Ohhhhhhwwwweeeeeeeeeee do I love this man.

 Here we asked Henry to show us his mafia face.  I feel that he will make a fine Godfather some day.
"Ain't nobody gonna drive down this road with out getting through me first."
 I mean I want to eat him here. 
Yes, this one will be blown up and plastered on the wall. 

 Such a cool shot.  Mary amazed me here.
One lover of water, holding her son she hopes loves it as well. 

If you are in the area I highly suggest you book your photography needs with Mary Maldonado Photography.  She is easy to work with, a hard working momma of three(including twins)  and is a God praising Christian.  What more would you want? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

My frame runneth over.

I've always adored taking pictures.  Not from the artistic perspective but just for capturing moments. I'm the friend who always has her camera, and may ask any random stranger to snap a shot or two to remember an occasion.  When I was in middle school I had an idea that someday in my house I would have a room with framed pictures covering the walls from floor to ceiling. 

Apparently that's what the inside of my MacBook looks like right now.
My frame runneth over.
 While having my cracked screen repaired last week (yep that happened) :(  The lady at the Apple store informed us that she had never seen so many pictures on a computer.....Ever. 
40,000 sounds like a bit much especially considering that there are tens of thousands more on external hard drives in our home.  Thursday night I sat down to load pics and finally catch up on blogging......but iPhoto continually gave me an error.  Turns out I literally have no more space on this thing.  So bare with me because over the next few days I'll be trying to free up space on here.  Which brings me to a question. 

How do you organizer your photos?  How do you store them?  I'd love to hear from you through comments or emails. 
I'll hopefully be back up and running more delicious yummy photos very soon.  :)  Wish me luck.

Friday, November 16, 2012

And now for your regularly scheduled program

We're Back.  After almost three weeks of no blogging we are finally in action again.  
Due to a cracked screen that had to be repaired, followed by a lack of memory on the computer and literally not being able to load one more pic, we finally got everything cleaned off and fixed up.  :)  
So what have we been up to you ask?
Well I'll try to briefly catch us up so we can get on with the show. 
 He attended Kiran's 1st Birthday and had fun watching the other kiddos, listening to music, and meeting his first balloon. Mom, these balls can fly?  Amazzzzzinggg!
 If we thought this guy was fun before we had no idea he would be stepping it up so big.  He is a complete goofball and such a sweetheart at the same time.  Ladies prepare for you hearts to break...that is when he turns 30 and is allowed to date. 
 We had our 2nd ever playgroup and had even more fabulous friends to play with.
Our Baby Line Up looks something similar to a torture room as the cruel moms quickly try to snap a shot of all the joyous faces as they scream with delight.....or something like that.  
 This is the aftermath of a playgroup.

This boy likes to snuggle at night when he's tired, and boy do I take advantage of it. 
Oh bath time how we love thee.  Especially with the addition of toys. 
Week 32 was loaded with fun. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Foto Reel-31

 So what have wee been up to you ask?
 Well we exercised our right to vote for president.
Prepped for winter weather as we warmed our toesies
 Read some good literature. 
Found a fascination with the long awaited red cup.
 He got great pleasure out of sucking on his little mesh ring pops.  He is pretty entertained while chewing on frozen apple slices. 
 We said bon voyage to our small pacis and headed onto the big Mams.
 We hung around.
Found a nice little dose of slap happy right before bed each night.  :)
 We found joy in Henry initiated cuddles. 
 We have been bumper users for the past 31 weeks.......until this happened.  He began pulling it down to see out, and of course once that happened he decided it might be fun to look over the edge.  Needless to say we lowered the crib too. 
 This little man likes to dance around in his diaper.  
We like to watch. 
 It got cold enough here to try out our warm winter get up.  I am now the proud owner of a little Abominable Snowman.
Life is good in these parts and time just moves on.  :)