Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Foto Reel-31

 So what have wee been up to you ask?
 Well we exercised our right to vote for president.
Prepped for winter weather as we warmed our toesies
 Read some good literature. 
Found a fascination with the long awaited red cup.
 He got great pleasure out of sucking on his little mesh ring pops.  He is pretty entertained while chewing on frozen apple slices. 
 We said bon voyage to our small pacis and headed onto the big Mams.
 We hung around.
Found a nice little dose of slap happy right before bed each night.  :)
 We found joy in Henry initiated cuddles. 
 We have been bumper users for the past 31 weeks.......until this happened.  He began pulling it down to see out, and of course once that happened he decided it might be fun to look over the edge.  Needless to say we lowered the crib too. 
 This little man likes to dance around in his diaper.  
We like to watch. 
 It got cold enough here to try out our warm winter get up.  I am now the proud owner of a little Abominable Snowman.
Life is good in these parts and time just moves on.  :)


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  2. Oh my...he is seriously adorable! Such great photos!