Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my amazingly wonderful parents.  What an inspiration your love for eachother has been to us girls!  Muah!  xoxoxo

Real Fears

So about a week ago I read a post from my 100% absolute most favorite blogger.... Little Miss Momma.  
I always enjoy reading what she has to say and get a real sense that she enjoys life, truly, all of it. 
This post was different though, it really made me do some inward thinking, and it actually made me. not emotional. me. tear up.  The thing is I could completely relate to this feeling and these thoughts.  
I too without a doubt feel like I'm a positive thinker, I enjoy life, and I feel that I have it good, more than good.  
So many times though I feel like it could all break, right out from under me this world of greatness could come crashing down like an insect too large for the spider's web to hold.  If I'm not careful, these thoughts can travel into greater thoughts, and even fears.  So last week when I read this I found myself moved by these words, so much so that as I laid down to sleep I found myself not being able to hug B tight enough, not able to tell him I love him enough, and eventually tears fell onto my pillow in a steady stream.  It was a sense of thankfulness and a "i hope this lasts forever" type of moment.  

The fear of losing something or someone is overwhelming and I that fear is what keeps me going at the 90mph speed that I hit life at.  I want to see it all, do it all, love it all, share with all, cook with all, no as little regrets as possible, make God proud kind of life. 
Then I thought about it some more.  Maybe that fear, is really God's way of having us cease the day and not take what he has given us for granted.  I know that in those moments I try not to dwell on the fears, but instead to remember to pray, for the strength in the future to deal with truth of the fears appearing, in a way that let's me remember that I have been blessed to have a life filled with something so good that I would hate to ever lose it.  
What do you fear?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Wish List

I've always been a dreamer, and have a wishlist that gets added to each day.  Since I'm a July baby my list seems to grow even bigger during this month.  Today I'm participating in a Wish List link party at Love Stitched

So let's see....if I made a wish it might be for

A trip to the beach for a bit.....this beach, ya know the one with clear water so I can see my pretty pedicured toes hit the sand?  
Or a trip to Florence even if just for the day.  To eat at La Giostra and smell the freshly sliced truffles as they hit my pasta dish.....
Or a pull behind a boat, it's been so long since I was able to ski......
More time to do the things that I want in life, like keep a clean house, garden more, work out daily, see the people I love more, craft, sew, take flying lessons again, and relax.

Speaking of time....I'd like to tell time with this on my wrist. 

Found here

Or This

Found here

But if I really think about more time maybe what I should do, is enjoy this chair, finish this book for pleasure I started a year ago, or take a nap in the rarely used hammock......  What are you wishing for today?

Starting it off right

I started off my morning just right!  Today I had a few girls over for breakfast.  God brought perfect weather which included no humidity and a breeze, I whipped up fritatas and fruit, Great Harvest made the peach and blueberry goodies I picked up at 8am.
Lauren and Nami came and Jennifer brought Harper and Alison brought Woods.  (I'm pretty sure Woods was crushing on Harper)  :)  We sat on the patio enjoying the sweet day and good conversations.

I had contemplated having a yard sale all summer and had planned on doing it tomorrow.  But the weather is too pretty, summer's too short, and I think if I'm going to do something besides grad work I might as well make it fun right?  So if you'll excuse me I'm off to the pool.  :)  Happy Summer day! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Windy Corner Market kinda Sunday

What a great cap to a lovely weekend!
Barry and I spent the great no humidity (yes in KY!) sunny day outside mulching our front lawn.  We had debated on even doing it this year but Oh my goodness what a difference it makes!  It's kind of like going to buy new running shoes, you don't realize how bad the old ones looked till you get new ones!
Saturday evening we went over to the Mullanix's home for a great dinner on their deck.  We enjoyed time with them and their sweet little Ava.  She has such a personality that you just can't stop smiling when your around her.  Jessica had made a wonderful dinner and key lime pie.  I doubt she has ever created a bad meal in her life, everything at their house is always delicious!  We enjoyed watching Ava's first encounter with lightening bugs (which apparently are a scary creature to a three year old)  :) 

The little porch where we ate.
Sunday morning involved a light breakfast made by B and a great service on marriage at Broadway Christian.  After church we took a slow drive under clouded skies to Windy Corner Market. It was our first time eating there and oh what a treat!  The owners of Wallace Station and Holly Hill Inn created this lovely little spot a few months ago and I had been hearing great things about it.  The drive out was soothing and 100% Kentucky as the stone fences and horse farms rode past us.  The building looks like an old home and the food, and merchandise (soaps, dishes, art etc) is all Kentucky Proud.  We enjoyed sitting on the screened in porch that was accompanied by a cool breeze and chill bumps.  Barry ordered a bourbon bacon burger and I had a sprouts and tofu salad.  The food was delicous, however note to self, when you go to a place whose main menu consists of 12 types of PoBoys, don't order a salad.  While the salad was delicious, I was jealous of every warm smell and big fat sandwich that walked by.  Guess that means we have to go back really soon?  :) 

Don't laugh at my elf ear.  You know it happens to the best of us. :)

Great views surrounding the place.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

FroYo Cooper style

What's better than licking the beaters from cookie dough you ask?   Licking the big beater dripping with FroYo goodness! 
Well after 24 hrs the ice cream maker tub froze and we were able to create our vanilla frozen yogurt/ bourbon cherry froyo. It was extremely tasty and worth the wait! I don't think its the last time I'll be conjuring up this recipe.
Our dessert was topped off with a dose of a few good fireworks via our view through the trees. We heard the booming and walked out front and down the street till we had the bright bursts in view. Ahhhh summer!

The recipe I used for the base of the vanilla frozen yogurt can be found here at
The Cherry-Bourbon flavoring came from BHG's June 2011 issue.
Stir in 1/2 cup drained and coarsely chopped canned, pitted cherries in heavy syrup. ( Or do as I did and use 3/4 cup frozen pitted cherries and 2 Tbsp of honey.)  Add 3Tbsp of bourbon, I used Makers Mark for it's sweetness. 
In the last two minutes of freezing your FroYo or IceCream add the Bourbon Cherry mixture.  Taste and enjoy!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pure Summer

Yesterday was a hot, windy, and at times stormy day.  After another early day of BarreAmped class I came home to work on grad school projects.  Barry called me for a lunch date as we dropped off they Sonata for new tires.  On our way back we heard a tornado warning for Versailles and watched as the winds picked up and sky darkened ahead.  We headed to Qdoba quickly and as we stepped out to the parking lot we noticed the pop up thunderstorm was turning into something bigger.

It was a creepy thing to see and had us on our toes for a few minutes!

We enjoyed our lunch together.  I love having that time with Barry in the middle of the day!  It's such a treat!  Another Summer blooming flowers!

We ate dinner outside on the patio.  The wind was still going strong but seemed to be bringing in a cooler temperature.  Watching the lightning bugs appear and greet the night we lingered outside with our books and vino and candles.  I had a craving for frozen yogurt and had recently seen a yummy recipe in Better Homes and Gardens.  So, all proud I whipped it up and when we were ready I put it in our ice cream maker, and turned it on.......only to figure out that I had forgotten how to use it.  (we haven't used it in a year, don't laugh)  Apparently you have to freeze the bowl before you can put the concoction inside, who would have thunk it?
So dessert plan B went to work.  Mom and Dad got this for me when I was in college because I loved roasting mallows on my trips with the Waterski team.

We had a great time making messes of ourselves!  :)   Mmmmmm Mmmm Summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new ride

I feel like summer just officially started for me this week.  As things have finally slowed down a little bit I have been able to spend time on gradschool while also enjoying the finer things in life (like being a teacher in the months of June and July).  Monday evening Barry put my bike together!  My perfect little hybrid Schwinn.  She is a beauty and will look like a classic pinup for decades to come!

Tuesday Morning I did the unthinkable......I Elizabeth Cooper, queen of sleep, awoke at 5am to go workout with BarreAmped at 6am!!!  I have become obsessed with the class, and truly think it's the most fun you could have working out while also feeling like your being beat up at the same time.  :)  (ya know muscles shaking, hair sweating....the good stuff)  It was a great way to start my day and I enjoyed another round of it this morning!  Whoohoo!  After class both days I have taken my new ride on a stroll.  We have a great biking bath close to our house that takes me farther than I can imagine exploring yet.
I love the freedom on the bike.  

The way 94 degrees and swampy somehow feels comfortable as you create your own breeze.  

Being surrounded by breaths of sweet southern summer Magnolias.

Remembering what a bike meant as a kid.

The possibility of it's future:ice cream runs, a basket filled with goodies(or Keightley), racing Barry, strapping it to our car so we can ride along the beach, and someday adding a seat to the back that will hold a kid who will enjoy my peddling.

Yes, I didn't just purchase a bike I think I made a new friend.

Barry putting the finishing touches on the bike.  He did a fabulous job assembling my new ride!
Here she is ready to go on another adventure!

Summer Wreath Idea

How is it JUNE 23rd????????  I truly feel like this is the beginning of summer!  I have been so caught up with grad work, PD's and catching up on life that I haven't done the laundry list of Summer todo's....such as:  lay mulch, fertilize, finish planting herbs, etc.

So needless to say it's beyond past time for me to create a summer wreath for our door!!!!  I think I found a crisp clean look here.  That I will be attempting in the next few days.

Fabric Folding

Though I'm new to sewing I have tried to accumulate cute fabric when I find it on sale for future projects.  Somehow my two fabric drawers have quickly become crammed.  Like the rest of my craft/laundry room I'm still in need of some serious organization.  If I opened up my drawers to dump my fabric out they'd look something like this.......

I think I found a solution today with a tutorial on folding fabric onto old comic book boards.  Hopefully I'll be able to score some cheap on ebay or at a yardsale soon and get to fabric folding fast! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two fun days in one Father's Day and Elise's Birthday

My oh my what blessings we have been given.  Barry and I both think the world of our Dad's and have the privilege of holding wonderful relationships with them both.  Today we celebrated Father's Day and know that we are blessed to have had them at all, and are thankful for each day in our life God gives us to continue to enjoy those relationships. 

We drove from State Dock to Somerset in quite a thunderstorm.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by mom and gave Dad his Father's day gifts and multiple hugs.  We were able to have some really great hang out time with him which was much enjoyed.
We also had the privilege of celebrating Elise's 2nd birthday!  What a cutie she was as she blew out her candles.  She did not want the fun to stop! You can see it in action here. We sang to her once and she loved it so much that she didn't want it to end.  I'm pretty sure she asked for us to light the candles "more hot" and sing "happy, happy" to her over a dozen times, which of course we did!!!!  Her sweet and funny little personality is amazing and we certainly enjoyed having her entertain us! 

 Barry saw these pink and purple golf clubs over a month ago but he immediately knew Elise had to have them.  She enjoyed playing with them! You can watch her teaching me to golf here.   It was cute to watch her try to imitate her Uncle Barry.  :)
 Elise loves to bang on the piano at home and so Lucas and Katie got her a small little version for her to write her own concertos on.  :)  I wonder if her first piece will be a bigger hit than Fur Elise?

After our fun in Somerset we headed up to Lexington to celebrate Don on Father's day.  Karen had prepared a great meal and marinated meat which Barry grilled for us all.  We had a relaxing evening with Don, Karen, Chris and Kman!  Don genuinely enjoys having us all there so much and you can tell that even when he's just sitting back listening to us talk about something silly it is a cherished time to moment to him.  We ended the evening with delicious strawberry shortcake (one of my favorite summer treats). 
Yes God has blessed us with many things, but our family has to be the tops!