Monday, June 20, 2011

Floating Fun with Friends

 Paige and Glenn invited us down to his houseboat for a weekend of floating fun at State Dock.  It took us all of two seconds to reply yes this kind offer!  I had really been craving the lake and hadn't been able to visit it all summer so far!
Paige and I headed down to the lake Friday afternoon and got the boat opened up and ready for fun.  We grilled out for the boys and dock neighbors who all joined us later that evening. 
We joined another couple Friday night for a cruise to the dam after dinner.  It was a great start to the weekend!

Saturday we woke up to a steady rain beating down on the roof, and creating a cradle like effect as the boat rocked us back to sleep.  Great claps of thunder lulled us into an even deeper coma.  All of the world stayed still for a little longer than normal as we enjoyed what nature was giving us.
We had a relaxing day that involved lots of eating!  Late in the afternoon the sun decided to win the war of the skies and we quickly took advantage of it.   We put on our swimsuits and sunglasses, packed a cooler and hopped in Glenn's insanely fast Outer Limits boat.  We headed down the lake at speeds over 110mph.   This was not my cup of tea, considering a boat going that fast can't pull a skier.  :)  But it was a neat experience.  We had a long pit stop at Conley due to reasons out of our control.  I got to see Mom and Dad for a minute and the whole group made the best of our day.

 See how fast we were going?????  :)

We had a low key dinner that evening and relaxed and enjoyed our company.  It was a great time with friends on the water.  Barry and I were so happy to be able to get to know Glenn better and to make new friends at the lake. 


  1. love love love the blue dress :)

  2. Sounds like so much fun!! You and your hubby are completely adorable!