Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Red

After finding out that little Mini Cooper was a boy I asked Barry's mom if she had any of his old things from when he was a baby.  I wanted to incorporate some of those items into decorating the nursery if possible.  Out popped these too perfect little red shoes that use to fit on my sweet husbands tiny feet.  :)
I knew immediately that they had to be used for a Christmas card.  So we had my sister (who is a talented photographer) snap a few shots with us and the shoes.  This is what we got.  I love every one of them, and plan on framing one to put in Henry's room.  

 Yes our little boy will be sweetly named Henry Thomas Cooper.  We have loved the name Henry for three years and Thomas is a family name including my Dad and Pepaw.  :)

 Belly Shot 19 weeks.
Here is the final result of our Christmas Card, I think it's precious!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Start Spreading the News

We had such a blessing this year at Thanksgiving.  My ever most generous in-laws offered up their home to host my entire extended family for the festive fun feast.  We were also able to share the news that little BabyC is a boy with everyone in a very special way.  We had a cute little gender reveal cake made by Donut Days Bakery.  It was delicious and quite a fun experience for all. 
We headed over to Don and Karen's Thanksgiving morning to hang out and get appetizers ready.  They had done so much to get there house ready for everything and it was such a wonderful day all around because of them.  We set up and then waited for the Miller family to arrive.  I set out little trees with blue and pink leaves for people to place their vote for which they thought Baby C would be.

There was lots of food, laughs, hugs, and enjoyment of a family blessed far beyond what we could have ever imagined.
 My sister and I.  :0)
 My fabulous Granny and Pepaw.

 Karen and I using our aprons in her kitchen!  This is the best mother-inlaw anyone could ask for!
 My mashed potatoes I made to feed an army!
 Everyone needs a little Aunt Cindy in their life!
 Let the feast begin!
The votes are in 17 voted boy 7 for girl.....hmmm and the winner is.....
 We had my Granny and Pepaw cut open the cake to see the inside. 
 Watching the ultrasound on the iPad
 Two happy parents! We absolutely loved this day of celebration and thankfulness!
Elise insisted on helping my Daddy wash the dishes.  She pulled up a stool saying "I hep, I hep."  What a sweetie!
I'm pretty sure Thanksgiving doesn't get much better than this.  I'm so thankful for this amazing family, the ability to share fun times with them, and for our newest little addition to the fam, the blessing of a baby boy. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my savior who gave me new life and an abundance of undeserved blessings.
I am thankful for a husband who gives me the purest love I could know on this earth. I am thankful for eternity with him and my creator. 
I am thankful for this blessed baby growing inside of me. I am thankful for it's beating heart, it's developing body and it's arms and legs that now let me know it's there!
I am thankful for health and a healthy family. I am thankful for a big loving happy family who truely cares for each other and those around them.
I am thankful for wonderful lifetime friends who each have a special place and purpose in my life.  I am thankful for a warm home and more food than should be allowed on a table today! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He? or She?

Pink or Blue?  It will be a surprise to you!  
We found out yesterday that we are having a healthy baby _____!   We couldn't be more excited and can't wait to meet little______!  We will cut the cake with our family tomorrow to reveal what we are so very thankful for this Thanksgiving.  xo

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding Out

Today we went to the doctor to get our 2nd ultrasound.  We were so excited to see our little baby again and to make sure it was growing healthy and strong.  We were also feeling great anticipation as we waited to find out if it is a boy or girl.
We had to wait longer than we ever had before during this visit but we were both so excited that it didn't really matter.  The first thing we saw was the sweet beating heart with all four chambers pumping away.  Then we saw the long legs and then wait what's that?  Yes a baby boy!  Barry videoed us finding out and then seeing his sweet little face and hands.  We are so excited!
We were on cloud nine the rest of the day.  We just couldn't stop laughing, smiling, and crying for joy.  My friend Ali sent me a text that said "Thinking about you three today! Today you will be able to picture the rest of your lives. So amazing!"  She was so right. 
I couldn't stop thinking about holding him in my arms.  Watching him sleep.  Dressing him in his jacket to go jump in leaves.  Watching him and Barry chase each other in the house and in the yard.  Buying him his first baseball.  Watching him play sports, maybe an instrument too?  I love this little boy so much it makes my eyes water every time I think of a new baby boy scenario with him.  Our future will forever change for the better come April.  Barry and I would have loved a little girl to pieces but are so thankful for a little boy.  :) Barry is going to be the most amazing father.
What an amazing blessing,  I can't stop being thankful. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Amazing Race

On Saturday I thought I was headed to Louisville to take the ESOL Praxis test.  Apparently I was wrong, as it turned out to be something a little more like being a contestant in Amazing Race. 
Lauren and I rode up together since we were both tackling the beast that day.  Somehow even with two iPhone's in our car we somehow managed to be confused about how to get to UofL's campus.  After several phone calls to boyfriends, husbands, and local Louisville residents we finally understood we needed to take 65 which would take us straight to campus.

But then we saw this.....a Big Orange CLOSED sign right across the 65 exit.  

Yep, that's right 65 closed going North and South.  
Next step find another way.  Which meant we would be going through downtown to get there.  "That's fine we thought we left with plenty of time.....
Ah but then we see people wrapped in foil?  Runnin down the streets?  Oh yes my friends a race downtown, with full on road blocks right where we need to go.

 So Lauren jumps out of the car to ask a cop how we can get around it...... 
 We circle downtown, go back up the way we came for Lauren to jump out once more and ask a second cop to move the road block for us.  Stopping traffic, dodging cars and runners, this is how we made it with only 15 minutes to spare to our test.  
Needless to say it took us more than a moment to get our mind right and ready to take a test.  I'm pretty sure I'll be taking this test again in the future....but hopefully it won't involve a wild goose chase.  :)  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beastie Ball

I love dogs and I love my aunt Cindy. So what better way to spend a night then at the Lexington Humane Society's fundraiser, The Beastie Ball.

This year's theme was Wizard of Paws.  All the little furry friends were named for a character from Oz like, Glenda the Good Witch, Lion, Todo, and Ozzie.  It was a great night with a ton of fabulous silent auction items (still bummed I lost out on both items we bid on), great food, fun and live music.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Move Me

You Moved Me today, to laughing tears of joy.  

Driving to work this morning I felt a flutter in my stomach that could only be you.  It lasted a few seconds but brought a day full of joy.  I immediately said a prayer of thanks for you and called your Daddy.  We smiled all day just thinking about you. moving. in. me.  
On my way home from dinner I felt you again.  
Three consecutive pokes, you let me know you were there.  :)
I'm on pins and needles awaiting your next move.  I love you little baby C. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Getting Pregalicious.

Baby you have been growing!  I feel it more each day. I check the mirror as soon as I get up to see what you look like that day.  I feel how your making my body change and it's an amazing thing!  I can't wait to feel you move.  I anticipate it each day, what it will feel like when I know your kicking!  
Your growing faster these days too, which I'm guessing is a good sign since we are in the second trimester.  I love you little Baby C. 
I can't wait to see what you will be.  

This is us at 8 weeks.  :)  
Here we are at 12 weeks!  I was very happy for us to see this week!  You are growing....but man did you make me bloated around this time!  Yowzers!

Here we are at 16 weeks.  That bump....well it's all you kid!  (We have this cute outfit on because we were getting ready to go work out with Daddy)  :) 

Here we are currently, sitting at week 17 and I can tell you're starting to grow faster little one.  :)  Keep it up!