Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foto Reel 54

 Crawling is no longer his only means of conveyance.  Ladies and gentlemen we have a walker.  Going to and fro, getting where he wants to go. 

A little fun with his favorite Cincinnati auntie.  :) 


Foto Reel # 54
I can't believe I have been doing this for a year now.  Hard to believe.  I look forward to the moments in the future when I look back on these recaps of our week and smile with a thankful heart. 
I am going to be changing up the way I do the recaps of our week.  Sometimes making a wordless montage.  Sometimes a review of the pictures I've posted to instagram and sometimes a total recap just as before.  Time seems to be slipping away and as this little boy gets busier and busier so does his mommy.  So I'll recap the best way I can to remember our precious weeks and to watch this joy continue to grow. 
Hope you had a fantastic week! 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Great Outdoors

As the weather has begun to feel more and more like spring we have found ourselves outside almost every day.  Whether it is crawling/walking around the backyard, digging in potted plants, or strolling down the street on his trike this baby loves the great outdoors. 

I often stop to pick up treasures for him to look at and talk about or pull him close to a flower to smell, which always makes him smile.  When being introduced to a dandelion for the first time, you would have thought I handed him the sun on a stick.  He was absolutely amazed at this fluffy soft little "bubble" and cherished it.  He carefully held it THE ENTIRE walk.  When we got to our house I showed him that the fluff could be blown which he thought was hilarious and then began to shake his to watch the seeds fly away. 
We had a little furry friend who purred and did circles around us along the way and certainly peaked Henry's curiosity.  He loves being outside, so much that the act of coming back indoors often ensues tears  on his sweet little cheeks.  So bring on the warm weather because we are ready to play. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foto Reel-53

 April 8th - this boy made my heart melt when he stretched out his arms and said "mama, mama" for the first time. 

April 9th-while hanging out in the kitchen with me he began a game of sitting on the tile and then standing straight up on his own.
 He would giggle and grin with cheeks raised up expressing just how proud he was.  

Then he put one foot in front of the other.   one. two. three steps on his own into my arms.  :)
Pure delight!!!!!  He repeated the standing and stepping but never more than three that day.  

Over the last week he has continued to experiment with taking steps on his own.  Sometimes between Barry and I and sometimes on his own.  He is still more comfortable crawling places and is quite wobbly when he does but his time is coming quickly.  I'm breaking out the elbow pads and helmets and will likely be strapping pillows to every corner in our house.  

 Where's Henry?
 Oh there he is!
 PJ's and wooden toy cars made by Pop = a good  morning.
We Got outside for some fresh air fun. 
He spent time looking up to one of the coolest two year olds he knows, Woods.

He had a party in the bath.  
A big week in the world of milestones and just another week of fun loving this little gift of life.  

Foto Reel week 52

 Spring Break, Easter, and a baby boy turning ONE all in one week!!!!  Whew! 
 Celebrating Townes 2nd birthday! 

We began sleeping like hmmm horse on the head.  
 He tried out his new set of wheels on the back door.  Vroooommmmm Vrooooooooomm.
 Daddy rocked me to sleep. 
 He had the weather to try out his new swing......this face says it all.  He is a fan. 
Watching Birthday cookies bake.  
 We celebrated his birthday in a super fun and special way! 
 We took a trip to the Lexington Children's Museum for the first time.  At first he cried but after about 20 minutes he let completely loose and had a big ol' time! 
 Not amused by a juggling clown. 
For no reason at all he let me cuddle him.  Rocking in the chair and looking at me for a good 35 minutes.  It was heaven that I only wish I could bottle up. 
 We took a family ride on our bikes using Henry's little ride along trailer.  He was so relaxed we thought he was going to fall asleep. 

And a little time just soaking up being a one year old, being a boy and collecting treasures.