Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 2, 2013 the way we celebrated Your day.

We felt like kids on Christmas morning as Barry and I crept into our sweet baby boy's nursery.  Balloon in tow we softly sang Happy Birthday as we watched his eyes light up and his cheeks lift with a sleepy grin. 


Awaiting his arrival in the living room was a room filled with "boons" and his new set of wheels. 
Starting off with a special treat of banana pancakes with syrup, the birthday boy new it was a special day. 
Every well respected one year old knows that you can't celebrate without strutting around in your birthday suit.  
What's a birthday without a mid morning pony ride?  
As a girl I grew up a birthday meant always awakening to streamers tied to my door.  It's never to early to start a tradition. 
 The three of us hugged happy tears as 10:07 appeared on the clock and the flood of emotion from one year ago filtered through our memories. 
 A special visit from Pop was a bright spot in the day.  Opening up handmade wooden cars made with love from Pop.  Vroom Vroom. 
A visit from Gran and Pops brought even more delight to his sweet and special day. 
 A little spin around the house on the new ride.  Feeling like a big boy.
Some squeezes from Gran and Pops.

He wasn't sure what to think when everyone broke out in song staring at him, dangling a large amount of flaming food in front of his face.   
He quickly caught on.  
And began devouring his way into the center of his momma made carrot apple raisin cake, it was a sugar free alternative and I'm pretty sure he had his fair share of sweetness from the cream cheese icing.  Mmmmmmmm!
Oh yeah, he has a sweet tooth or two......
 And apparently a sweet toe too.....
 He was quite pleased with his new "hat" as he called it.  We mainly thought it was good for him to have when we go on bike rides and put him in the carrier but I think he will be happy wearing it for any occasion. 
 It was an all around amazing fun day spent loving this little 1 year old who has changed our lives completely.  We did a lot of reflecting and thinking back to the great feeling of meeting him for the first time.  What a sweet joy it is knowing you little Henry Thomas Cooper. 

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