Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foto Reel 54

 Crawling is no longer his only means of conveyance.  Ladies and gentlemen we have a walker.  Going to and fro, getting where he wants to go. 

A little fun with his favorite Cincinnati auntie.  :) 


Foto Reel # 54
I can't believe I have been doing this for a year now.  Hard to believe.  I look forward to the moments in the future when I look back on these recaps of our week and smile with a thankful heart. 
I am going to be changing up the way I do the recaps of our week.  Sometimes making a wordless montage.  Sometimes a review of the pictures I've posted to instagram and sometimes a total recap just as before.  Time seems to be slipping away and as this little boy gets busier and busier so does his mommy.  So I'll recap the best way I can to remember our precious weeks and to watch this joy continue to grow. 
Hope you had a fantastic week! 


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