Sunday, June 25, 2017

Family Vacay 2017

The first week of June we were blessed with a trip to our favorite little beach spot on 30A.  This year we went with just the 4.5 of us and it was such a treat to spend quality time together.  We made a pit stop in Waverly, Alabama to see an irreplaceable family we miss oh so much, the Frye's.  Picture two smart, passionate, loving people and you have Justin and Meredith; ask them to multiply and you get the cutest all American boys you've ever met in your life.  We were welcomed with the definition of southern hospitality, where your belly is just as full as your heart with a sustainable kind of goodness that memories are built on.  
 We were quite jealous of the Frye's after seeing how short their drive to the beach is.  Four hours south and we were greeting mother, mother ocean.  

 Mornings spent sipping coffee and waking slowly to the sound and sight of waves, is a peace of heaven in my books.  
 Little miss no sand arrived several times a day and even morning walks to hunt for treasures couldn't render her free from the fear of fluffy sand.  
 This one however....would practically eat the stuff.  
 Our afternoon play on the beach usually consisted of digging holes, searching for deeper creepers, building sand castles, jumping waves, and snacks.....lots of snacks.  
 Maybe one of the sweetest moments she's ever given me.  Sitting on the beach eating treats together, when she grabs my neck and holds on for a big squeeze, kiss, and then lingered there as we listened to the ocean.  My goodness she knows how to melt us.  
 Our favorite spot has never disappointed us and this year was no different.  Edwards in Rosemary Beach is nothing short of magical.  From the atmosphere of twinkle lights, live music, and water fountain to the delicious food our family has always enjoyed this place.  Our kiddos always adore it and are mesmerized by the music and we soak in the evening like little blessed sponges.  
 Of course a trip to the Sugar Shack is always necessary!  The happiest little candy shop I've ever seen, filled with treats to delight any age.  Our favorite choices so far, a giant lollipop and gummy snake.  
 Simple things like filling your kiddos with sugar and watching them run their hearts out on the lawn with other sea loving littles fills you with an indescribable joy.  

 This vacay stay was not all sunshine and seagulls.  We had quite a few cloudy/rainy afternoons, but were so thankful we could just run up the steps to our condo and wait it out.
 Or dance in the rain and eat popsicles.  
 This guy spent many hours playing lacrosse and soccer with his daddy and amazed everyone around us at the amount of energy he had.  The Boy Never Stops!
 Our first castle of the week Henry exclaimed "I think we are going to be professional sand castle builders, we'll be world famous!"
 You'd think a full day on the beach would wear a 2yr old out but on more than one occasion this one still fought her naps.....until she lost the battle.  
 We ventured to Seaside for an evening watching a Pinocchio play, that is until rain made us scamper back home.

 Which made for a perfect night to play soccer on the beach.  

Walks, runs, and games of tag on the beach were often halted by Mallie Lynn being paralyzed by sand and screaming for help.  Henry learned that taking her by the hand and leading her towards the wet, harder sand usually helped calm her down.  What a great big brother he is.
Beaching with littles is not exactly relaxing but a week with my forever family 24/7 was a wonderful blessing.  Constant play time, laughing, hide and seek before dinner, watching the kids race, dance, and enjoy the ocean made for happy Cooper hearts.  

We found Henry's new favorite spot on the beach and gobbled hand tossed slices down while staring at the sea.  
to be continued....