Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family photos of 3 + a Bump

At 35 weeks we took this bump and dressed her the best we could, grabbed the two most handsome men I know and one great photographer.  I'm so happy to have these photos of our family.  The shoot felt like we would walk away with few good pics since wrangling a two year old for shots is not easy in the evening, (or ever).  I can't say enough good things about how quickly Eric Diedrichs worked and how effortlessly he made it all happen.  You can contact him for your session through email:
Looking through these photos it's easy for me to see us as a family of four.  (which is good since that's happening any day right!?)  :)   My little brain is starting to get a glimpse of what it will be like to have the loves of my life grow from 2 to 3, and I am so excited to experience all being a mother of two has to offer.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

A place for our princess.

 Her dreamy storybook style linen crib skirt and curtain tie backs were made at Cottage and Cabin.  I can't recommend this little shop enough.  They were so sweet to work with and made sure our fabric samples were exactly what I wanted before beginning the project.  This skirt is so well made and beautiful! 
I knew I wanted a vintage floral fabric for her crib bumper and found the perfect peach pink rose print at Carousel Designs Shop.  There custom designer made ordering super easy, and their fabric samples come very quickly. 

 We are using the same Little Castle Cottage glider and ottoman, as well as the antique dresser and mirror from Henry's nursery.
 This little hand print was part of a painting play day Henry and I had about 5 months ago and it became my inspiration for the colors I wanted to use in her nursery.  I felt it only fitting we frame it. 
 This vintage painting was one I lusted over for a while at a local antique store.  I didn't bite the bullet on it right away but kept thinking about how perfect it was so a month later I went in to look for a few more items and saw it still hanging on the wall, 10% off just waiting to be placed in our nursery.  Perfection. 
Taylor Norton over at Adventures of Creativity designed this wonderful water color for our nursery.  She is a UK art grad and momma of a sweet little girl living in Louisville, KY.   She does fantastic work and I highly suggest you check out her Etsy shop if you are in need of beautiful verses/phrases, house portraits, or stationary.  The perfect piece of scripture to add to our little darlings room,

Jeremiah 1:5 "Before you were formed I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart."
I love her collage wall and had a lot of fun collecting just the right pieces to add to her collection. 

 These two special quotes are something I say to Henry every night and will certainly be something I whisper to our little princess too.  The Digital Studio does fabulous custom gold foil work. 
 Now I lay me down to sleep and a sweet little girly quote. 
  This original rose watercolor painted by Monika Rostvold and two more custom pieces from The Digital Studio. 
 This little wall collage is super special to me.  The two bottom pieces were a purchase at the Woodland Art Fair when we found out we were pregnant with Henry.  They hung in his nursery and now will hang in hers.  The top print is of the Kentucky mansion celebration commissioned in 1983 (the year I was born).  A little piece of KY and a prim and proper celebration I'm sure any little girl would have fun attending. 
When I found out we were having a little girl I felt like I didn't know what to do with a little princess.  I quickly figured it out and had so much fun decorating her room.  It's been my fun place to go in my thoughts as we searched for a home this summer and putting it all together has made the realization of this pregnancy come together completely.  We are so excited to bring her home and lay her down in her crib.  There is a whole lot of love to be had in this home, and oozing amounts in this sweet nursery. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catching a tiger by it's tail.

We recently took Henry to Cincy for his first trip to the zoo.  He of course just loved the fact we were heading to Cincinnati and expected to see a baseball player or two because of our location, instead he was greeted by giraffes, lions, and penguins. 

He requested to see the giraffes, gorilla, armadillo, and bears, all of which we were able to find, minus the armadillo.  He got a complete kick out of watching the penguins as they waddled to the water and jumped in. 
 The train ride, bears, hugging monkeys, and tiger were all highlights of the trip in the eyes of this 2 year old.  
 We spotted the tigers at the end of the trip when everyone was exhausted, but that didn't stop him from finding a sudden burst of energy to pace back and forth with a large striped cat, saying "hey tiger, tiger and singing to it."  :) 
A great day with our sweet boy making memories that will last us a lifetime.  Next time we hit the zoo it will be as a family of four!