Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pillow Talk and Freckles

 When you're two, adorable, and choose to wake at hours earlier than your 3rd trimester mommy deems appropriate you start a new morning routine.  Yes mommy is left with no choice but to bring 30lbs of cuteness into bed with her.  I'm lucky that for at least 15 blissful minutes he lays there quietly, sometimes eyes closed and other times open staring out the window or watching the fan.  The quiet accompanied cuddles are sometimes sprinkled with small sweet moments that are truly the cherry on top.  Those cherries sometimes come in the form of a surprise kiss, or a gentle rub on the cheek with beloved blanky all initiated by this darling angel boy. 
The silence usually ends with a "hey mom" or "let's go play mommy'.  But last week he broke our morning silence with "I like your freckles Mommy".  (*Insert mommy grin)  "You have lots of dem."  Yes I do have a lot of them,  always have.  "Can I touch dem?"  :)  (*grin) sure you can. 
About a month ago I noticed the tiniest spray of freckles peppered across his cheeks and nose.  How they could be forming under SPF 50 and a constant hat is beyond me.  Maybe I have given you the gift of freckles too.  Maybe someday part of your heart will lie down next to you and in a small sweet voice share their affection for those sun kissed circles.  

I love this boy so much the thought of him makes my heart swell to the point of needing a deep breath.  What a blessing. 

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