Saturday, September 20, 2014

MLEC - we've made it the distance.

We hit quite the milestone around here last week as we hit the milestone of being 9 months pregnant.  This news was overshadowed in our heads as we learned that you may be entering the world sooner than later.  On Tuesday we saw your tiny little body on the ultrasound and were thankful to hear that you are a healthy girl.  Though small for your gestational age you are mighty, and I believe quite strong given the power behind your kicks and punches.  At 2cm, 85% effaced and in 0 position we were informed that you were not going to "go the distance", as Dr. Butler put it. 
So we immediately scrambled sitting at four weeks from your due date to make all the last minute small details happen.  I became more exhausted with each passing day as my body prepares for your arrival.  There have been nights of cramping, contractions, and anxiousness.  Yet, a week later you are still snuggled down in there, being patient, growing, and gaining weight.  We have passed 37 weeks where your big brother made his arrival, and I'm beginning to wonder if you'll actually come on your due date!
I'm reminded that only God knows when your birthday will be, and just as everything else in this world, it will be perfectly timed.    So I'll soak up these moments because they are fleeting; for now your hiccups are not heard and your wiggly hands and toes are not seen but I feel them.  Every evening I lay down to watch your nightly ritual of dancing in my belly, your graceful moves bring smiles to our faces. 
My little human brain can not fathom what you will be like, how much we will love you, or just how perfectly made by God you will be.  I know that our heart are being prepared for the moment we get to meet you and the excitement is building!  A gown fit for your little princess body is ready and waiting in your crib, your nursery prepared and put together with love.  There are many people getting anxious to meet you, covering you in prayers until we can also cover you in kisses.  We love you darling daughter. 


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