Monday, April 9, 2012

A piece of heaven- April 2nd 10:07am

         My thoughts have been away at sea for the past week.  They arrive back at port for a moment today to share with you the joyous news.
On April 2nd, at 10:07a.m. a piece of heaven was placed in my arms.  He's like nothing and everything I've ever known. At 19.5 inches and 5.13lbs Henry Thomas Cooper and all his perfection has Made Barry and I's world a miraculous place.  

I'll be sharing our story when I can.  Right now my time is spent learning how to be the best mother I can be, praying thanks, crying happy tears, feeding, and staring at this precious angel who is now in our home.  
Thank you to all who kept praying for Henry and I.  Words can not express the appreciation we have for that, and we sure felt them, every last one. 

Henry Boo, We love you.  
Henry-This was playing as you entered the world and will forever be ingrained in my memory.  


  1. Congratulations!!!! What a perfect little angel! Blessings as you begin Motherhood and adjust to being a family of 3!

    xoxo, Amy

  2. Can't wait to meet that sweet baby!