Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homecoming Queen

April 4, 2012 ~Our Homecoming was overwhelming.  Having been in the hospital for over a week I couldn't wait to step outside the hospital.  Not to be too dramatic, (Sometimes that's hard for me) ;) but it felt like a glimpse into what it feels like to have been behind bars for a few years and then finally let outside to see the real world.  
This song came into my head as soon as we began packing up.......

I couldn't wait to bring Henry into our home, to lay him in his crib, to rock him in our chair.  B got lil' man all snug in his car seat and took our two cart loads of stuff down to the car.  Then it was time to load up the family.  

I sat in the back with our new and perfect passenger.  Looking out the window I couldn't believe how things had changed in a week, leaves on almost all the trees, flowers blooming everywhere, it was a wonderful surprise.  :) 
The moment I walked down the hallway towards Barry who was holding Henry outside the door to his room, and I broke.  I felt the weight of a thousand elephants lift from my shoulders, the comfort and peace of our amazing family and friends, and the blessing of being a healthy mom to a healthy baby.  I broke.  In the form of clothes soaking tears.  

What a feeling it was.  Glory be to God. 

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