Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - MLEC

I'm back!!!!!!  and being 8 months old makes me gitty!!!!
Look at how these stems have grown!!
Who me? A beauty?  Why what ever do you mean?

Ok, I guess I can kinda see it, especially when I grin like this!?
Watch this trick! I'll click my heels three times and......
Clap my hands, and.....
 Wah Lah!!!  Two Teeth!!!

Not impressed?  Well watch me belly surf!
Or do push ups.
Yeah, I'm pretty big stuff these days.
 I don't know guys, is there any way I could get cuter than this?
Guess you'll have to wait and see......

Weight: 15lb and 2oz
Height: 251/2 in long

Feeding: Still holding at every 2-3 hrs...even at night.  
Sleep: Going down is pretty easy.  You tend to wake up between 9:00 - 11:30 crying.  Sometimes it's once, but 3/4 of the nights this month have involved holding you while you tried to work out whatever was unsettling your little self.  Typically wake 2 - 3 times a night to nurse and fall back asleep.  1 tiny morning nap and one hour or so afternoon nap.  You're still in the woombie!  We tried arms out, sleep sack, naps and night time but you are still a woombie fan. 

Awake: You're a mix between an observer and an entertainer.  You watch everything around you and have become quite wiggly.  When we hold you now you quickly dive bomb towards the floor wanting so badly to take off crawling or walking.  Your favorite position is standing and you stiffen up when we try to make you sit much of the time. 
Loves: You have become a master clapper and love to sing If Your Happy and You Know It!    You love to feel different textures of objects or books.  Watching Henry do just about anything makes you smile, giggle, and light up.  Singing Puppy, KiKi the elephant, pacis, the woombie.  Still a fan of crinkly papers, eating your toes, chewing on everything. 

Dislikes: being tired, having gas,  dropping a toy out of reach, teething.

Temperament: Calm, happy, and pleasant.  When you evenings and some afternoons can have you feeling cranky depending on what we have going on, but you are a well of smiles and keep pouring them out whenever you're given the chance.  You have become much more active and are getting so wiggly that diaper changes have become a wrestling match.  Sitting still for a story has never been your thing, but if we lay down on our backs together you get so excited to listen, looking at the pictures is usually done from a far as you scoot and wiggle yourself away from me with each page.

Clothing Size: 6-9 months 

New Milestones: Clapping!, Waving on demand as well as initiating it for hello and goodbye.  Manipulating paci completely on your own taking it out and in and even stretching across the floor for it.  Though you still dislike being on your belly or rolling you are trying to rock up to all fours and place weight on your knees....This is the calm before the storm, mobility changes everything.  You had your first long car trip and placed your toes in the sand.  You are a beach baby through and through, and had your best week every while there.  If only we could move back! 

We are hopeful that we can get your belly to baseline soon and start solids.  After an up and down month with FPIES we are trying our hardest to see a new doctor in the EOE field and I am on a new elimination diet to see if we can't give your GI a rest.  One good week had us thinking things were starting to change, but after being thrown right back into the same old mix I became convinced something had to change.  With an elimination we hope to find the foods that are triggering reactions.  Fingers crossed because I'm so sick of the guessing game, science experiment we are currently playing. 

You are blossoming each day, and I feel like we are slowly watching your petals unfold.  Figuring this world out with patience and trust,  we enjoy every sweet moment we get. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun.


We had the chance to slow down and enjoy our family.  It's an awful sweet one if I might add.....

There was some relaxing....

We had adventures.....the kind that pirate loving boys will talk about for ages....

 Two hours out on the sea learning how to be a pirate.

We enjoyed time with sweet friends who feel more like family......

 One week one house  // 6 adults // 6 children under four.
Memories made // laughter shared // melt downs survived // fun had // sunburns soothed //  friends united // road trip under belts // glasses cheers // Gaffaaawwws heard // relaxation found // life sharing moments happened   

When can we do it again?