Friday, May 1, 2015

7 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - Mallie Lynn

Hey mom, I'm awful happy to see you!

 Mmmmmmm  These toes are more than just cute!  They're delicious and double as a teething toy.

 Check these stems, I've been working on growing taller, I hope you don't mind. 
 Hey where did those toes go again???
Ahhhh their they are!
Let's throw those limbs in the aaaayaaaa and wave em' like we just don't caayyyaaa!
 Have you seen this smile lately?  It's kinda awesome right!?
 Let's play a game called hide and seek.
 You'll never find me here!
Here I am!!

 At 7 months we are noticing everything and grabbing at whatever looks interesting!  Chalkboard was down in 3 seconds. 

Hey ya'll I can hardly believe I've been around for seven months!   Time sure does fly when you're having fun. 
Smiling is what I like to do best.

 Well, that and laughing.  Laughing is pretty fun too!
 Check out this new trick!  Practicing that pageant wave. 
Weight: 15lb and 2oz
Height: 251/2 in long

Feeding: When your hungry.  It has been more frequent the past month typically 2-3 hrs.  

Sleep: Eh...... Well we've enjoyed holding you a lot at night.  Between trialing banana back into momma's milk and teething this house has seen a lot of coffee.

Awake:You choose happy any day of the week.  No matter what you feel like you WANT to be happy, smile, and jump for joy.  I simply adore that about you.  I think you will be one of those special people that everyone wants to be around.  It's contagious, and the fun and happiness you put out there spills over onto all of us. 
Loves: ABC song, Row Your Boat, This Little Piggy, going for walks in the stroller, eating your toes, crinkling parchment paper & magazines, playing music in the exersaucer, rattles, chewing on wooden toys. 

Dislikes: being tired, having gas,  dropping a toy out of reach.

Temperament: My darling girl you are as sweet as they come.  You get sooo excited to see your favorite people and spend most days looking for an excuse to flash your big grin.  Teething and belly issues have made you fussier than usual lately but you find a reason to smile anyway. 

Clothing Size: 6 months 

New Milestones: sitting up!!!   Still a weeble wobble that will fall down but learning how to catch herself with one hand and push off.  Moving from sitting up to laying on her belly to try and reach a toy, sometimes not so gracefully but she's rarely bothered by it.  Teething!! In one day we had two bottom teeth popping through!  Waving, to yourself and admiring your sweet hands.

Sweet girl we are so happy to know you more and more.  Your sweet demeanor and ability to smile even in your most tired or uncomfortable days are inspiring.  You're going to move mountains.


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