Wednesday, August 30, 2017

There is a closet....

There is a closet in our house that holds more than you'd think.  It's in the smallest bedroom of our home and boasts the least amount of square feet too.  For 2 years it held extra linens and lots of Lululemon.  Last summer it got a raise of sorts in it's rankings when it secretly began holding little things for a baby to be.  When we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant with a third little life my caught off guard heart quickly grew to the idea of another little one to love.  My parents had recently given me a few things that had been mine as a child and I stored them in that closet knowing I'd be able to use them in this new nursery of ours.  A baby blanket and a new baby sling also made their way to that closet giving it a sense of importance.
That sweet soul was called to live in heaven instead of our arms and I'm sure is being cared for far better than I could imagine.  So the closet grew emotions, it became filled with sorrow and though the contents remained it became quite empty.  Occasionally I would run my hands across those little things I collected and my heart would feel all the feelings, in the truest sense.
When we were blessed with the news that we were pregnant once more this past February the closet became hopeful.  It took some time, but slowly I began to ever so hopefully gather sweet things for our baby boy blessing to come.  Now I look at the contents of what had been there before with a smile on my face knowing this sweet child is getting something extra special, a few hand me downs from an angel sibling above.
This past week I emptied the closet of all that it held in it's previous life and began to make room for it's new role.  That tiny space is weeks away from holding outfits that will wear memories that will last a lifetime, blankets that will warm a fresh new life, and a few cherished gifts that will someday be passed down with loving memories.

33 weeks and counting.....We can't wait to meet our darling baby boy.  You are loved beyond measure  my sweet son.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Henry Thomas the Kindergartner

As I put Henry to bed on the eve of Kindergarten I felt pretty good.  As he flipped through the pages of his new book before we read I admired my sweet boy and asked playfully, "How can you be going to Kindergarten tomorrow?" and just like Henry Thomas he replied

"I guess the years just go by so fast."  

We both burst into laughter that took a real effort to come out of.  The fun I have with this boy is unmeasurable.

I could easily talk about how I really don't know how it's time to send him off to school, how I can't believe my first born, my baby boy is big enough to go to Kindergarten......but I won't.
We got to this milestone through F I V E and a half years of being blessed with him.  We watched his every breath, crawl and step with amazement and love, we watched his serious nature find his goofy side.  We saw his love and excitement for life grow from one new activity to the next; every sport he was exposed to he wanted to play, and yet he was drawn to music and drama as well.  At 2.5 years old he sat through his first live play and became obsessed with the music and story of Annie so much  that he requested to hear the soundtrack for months to come.  We've watched hours of concerts he has performed in our living room or basement; guitar, drums, vocals, maraca, trumpet, harmonica you name it he's played it.  We were blessed with 4 years of Bible study together, learning about God's truth's and having conversations sparked that both challenged and pleased me.  He is as Henry Thomas as they come.

Last year's preschool experience was hard on him emotionally at the beginning; but after almost three months of morning tears and peeling him off of us eventually ended in a year of growth.  He became excited to see his friends, loved his teachers, and grew a love for art and academics.

The decision to enroll him in half day Kindergarten was one we have felt best fits his needs. He's a homebody at heart and if I can keep him with me just a little bit longer that's exactly what I want to do.
The truth is the years really do go by so so fast, and no matter how much we try to soak up every moment with our children the days roll on.  I've never really agreed with the saying the days are long but the years are short.  I tuck kiddos to bed every night wishing we had been given just a little bit more time in our day.  Yes there are many moments in raising them where I'm exhausted, frustrated or just need a break from recorrecting little ones behaviors or seeing what the 189th call for mommy is for, but I can't imagine it another way.  The days have always seemed to fly by so quickly, that I look at the clock constantly asking myself "how is it 11am, 2pm, 7pm?"  There are always life's tasks to take care of while trying to simultaneously raise children, which leaves me wishing I could do more in a day.

I thought I was prepared for today, but the truth is it's a milestone that does make a momma emotional.  No matter what way I look at it, Kindergarten means he's growing up.  I'm going to try and make my tears more thankful than anything else.  Thankful for what we've had and for what is to come.

P.S. It's a wonder I didn't show circuit my computer with the amount of tears that have flooded my
keyboard writing this.

So how did the day go..........?  The morning was an answer to prayer!  Not one tear from any of us (well maybe a little wet eye from a parent) and a boy who announced he was so excited as we made the drive to school.  He had a grin on his face that couldn't be wiped off as he walked down the hall and I think it was such a blessing to be in a familiar building.

Hugs, smiles, waves, and goodbye.  Just like that he was on his way to big things.  

Mallie Lynn missed her Henry and thought she heard him half way through the morning.  She had to be convinced he wasn't somewhere in the house and practically skipped to the car to go pick him up at the lovely 11:15 dismissal!  We kept busy while waiting for him and continued my mama's tradition of homemade chocolate chip cookies for a first day of school treat!

 We did it!  One day of Kindergarten down and we're feeling alright!!!!!!  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunshine Girl

Almost a year has passed since I've written about my girl.  I suppose we've been busy living life.  Trying to soak up every moment of these sweet littles I am blessed to raise means there is little time to sit and reflect.  Most nights B and I are sitting down at 10:00 and folding clothes while we try not to fall asleep watching 30 min of something entertaining.  
So here's a shout out to my best girl, our real life princess and darling daughter.  
I call her my Sunshine Girl, because she is.  She knows what she wants, how she wants it and when she thinks she should get it, and she won't tell you about it quietly.  She is a little fire ball and those moments of strong will that drive me to a humble place as a parent are the same qualities that are going to help her move mountains.  
Her interests are heavily influenced by Henry, in a way that is almost crippling at times because she can't quite make a decision without leaning on what his decision might be.  Play time often consists of her dressing up as "Hooooo paaaaaaw" aka Darth Vader and trying to scare us but quickly lifting her mask to make sure we know "it's just me, nuffin to be fraid of".
She has deep empathy for others and is a mother hen at heart.  What an amazing big sister she is going to be.  
This little girl loves so much bigger than one could imagine.  A last kiss and hug from us when saying goodbye can last quite some time and usually happens more than once.  Her big love extends outside of our family to her friends and especially animals of any sort.  Henry told her the other day he thinks a veterinarian would be a good job for her.  
What a blessing it is to be in her presence, let alone her mother.  Mallie Lynn Estelle you are one treasured gift.  
Though I haven't had the chance to blog I try to do my best to jot down the precious things she says.  
Here are a few of the things we have loved hearing pop out of her mouth.
Fall 2016
The "I NOT" phase.  Usually used to protest doing something we told her to do.  
The "Yelcome" phase used for welcome.
"You stay riiiiight dare."  usually with a finger point telling us not to come any closer.
Opening a door and her short little person walking through announcing "Hellwo it's me."
Telling us everything that she couldn't turn on "Needs new battuhwees." 
For a good 6 months she became obsessed with Blues Clues and paw prints.  She loved to say to her brother, "Henry, know what?  Blues clues!"  as if she was telling him something important.  
Hearing a loud sound and asking "Fire truck?" No, I informed her it's a jet.  "Oh a jet, right!"  
Winter 2016-17
"Oh my goodness!" could be heard from her lips quite often.  
"MAAAZING!" she announced dreamily as she watched Henry write words on their chalkboard. 
As much as she loves anything Henry does and tries to be like him in almost every way she has found one way to stand alone in her love for the color pink, or as she affectionately calls it "MY PINK." 
Coloring with her as she picks up the ultimate color "Dat's a pink, my pink, ohhhhhh it's a dark pink you right!"
Learning from her big brother that everything is a competition she quickly caught on to the idea of winning.  Looking at us with a confident and mischievous grin she loved to challenge "I gone beat chyou!"
One of our long lasting favorites was her determined announcement for someone to stop doing something by yelling "SHOP, SHOP!!!"  It will forever be one of our favorite sayings.
Spring 2017
Her obsession with the story and song Wheels on the Bus began and she would erupt into song every single time she saw a school bus.  
We had always known her to be brave and tough and so we sometimes had conversations about the trouble she might get into as she got older.  Thankfully, she started to gain a healthy fear of things and her instinct to act like a mother hen kicked in.  If she had or witnessed an almost accident of any sort you would likely her say "Shew, that was close!"  
Summer 2017
She has shown us simple pleasures in the things she gets delighted to see.  Staring out her window the world outside the car looks exciting to a two year old.  The Arby's sign gets her excited because she thinks it looks like a hot dog and finds it hilarious.  Captain D's signs are a pleasure because of the big fish they display, Forcht bank and there ever changing fork decorations had us hearing requests to see the bunny or jockey fork every time we got in the car.  Water Fountains or statues of horses are like striking gold to her and she shrieks about a sighting with bliss in her heart.  

She made a funny self discovery when she informed me, "Mommy, I have whiskuz on my legs."  
"borella" = umrella
"max" = masks 
"actually....." and "It's pwobably" are two new additions to her vocal that always make me giggle.

My hands down favorite thing she has 
Lot's of "I wuuuuuv Henry, he's a nice boy, he's so handsome." statements can be heard coming from her sweet little voice.  He is her utmost favorite person and the thing that makes her most happy in this world.  It melts this mama's heart like the most severe heat wave you can imagine.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

4th of July festivities

It's no secret that I love any reason to celebrate, and 4th of July is no exception.  The patriotism, fireworks, sparklers, and food make it a wonderful reason to enjoy getting people together.  Since we moved into our neighborhood three years ago we have loved the 4th even more.  We enjoy hosting a festive backyard cookout with neighbors and friends that just feels like a America should feel.  Our HOA encourages homes to be decorated with flags and then puts on a great 4th of July pool party with games, prizes, bounce houses, and BBQ.  Possibly, the most festive activity of all is our neighborhood bike parade.  Henry and I now have a tradition of decorating his bike as he gathers with the big kids and rides along the streets with neighbors sitting in their yards cheering and waving along the way.  It feels like wholesome Americana at it's finest and rain or shine it's always such a great time.
We crafted up some patriotic slime and had fun with a red, white, and blue water balloon fight leading up to the 4th.

The kiddos couldn't stop telling me how much fun they were having when we broke out our paints for party decorations and our 4 year tradition handprint flag shirts.  
Our 3rd of July neighborhood BBQ was fun for all.

Rain or shine the bike parade is always a good time.  

We ended up having the most relaxed 4th of July in history.  The sleepy rain that just wouldn't stop had us playing dominoes and painting finger nails on the patio, enjoying lots of snacking and ending the day with store's and more sparklers.  
My little cuties have been patriotic obsessed since the 4th and I can't tell you how many times I've heard them sing You're a Grand Old Flag and Star Spangled Banner.  It's amazing how quickly the 4th of July came and went this year, summer has never been so sweet.