Friday, June 29, 2012

Foto Reel Friday week 12

This week seemed to fly by.  I can not believe that the 4th of July is next week!  

I guess time flies when your having fun.  This week we did just that!

Loves being held by Daddy.
 Mr. Personality
Reading is so fun!

 He Loves his little baaaaaa sheep
 Stuck his toes in the pool for the very first time with his friend Woods right beside him.
 Waiting in the shade for cars to cool off, it's been a hotttttt week.
 First dip in the lake with the Omuhundro's at Cave Run.  He even had a taste of camping for the day as he napped in a tent. 
 Morning coffee with diapers! 

 Family Fun
 Lunch dates
 Naps in the AC
He worked on getting cuter.....I think he succeeded.  

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lint Rollers

Henry is such an amazing kid, and an overachiever in many ways.  

He is already helping with daily chores.  His favorite and most skilled area of the house is being our little lint roller.

Taking off his footed pajamas always provides some entertainment as I discover all the fuzz and suzz he has decided to collect in his growing number of crevices.  :)  

What a big help he is!  :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dreading Swimsuits?

Swimsuit season is one of the most dreaded and loved seasons of all.  
It's thoughts begin to consume many woman's minds months before the first drop of water finds it's way into a pool.  We all love to be out in the sun, play in the water, splash around, and just find ourselves relaxing.  Yet, with the promise of wet sun drenched skin comes a dread of finding and wearing that swimsuit.  
I would venture to guess that even the most lovely of the Victoria's Secret models have insecurities at the beach when they aren't hiding behind a veil of airbrush.  (curse them for trying to have the world live up to ridiculous expectations)
After having Henry I have found myself more uncomfortable than ever.  We all know our own skin, know how we fit in clothes, and when we aren't in our "sweet spot".....well it's just kind of tough.  I'm not dieting, but eating healthy (for two), and began working out again after my six week mark.  But having a baby changes your body forever.   All mommas have reminders on their body of the life they once carried around inside.  It is a blessing no doubt, to carry these marks of love around.  But it makes the dressing room a little daunting at times.
It is difficult to shop as a mommy because car seats, crying babies and dressing rooms just don't work well.   So I broke down this weekend and went out for a few moments of alone time to find a swimsuit that fit.  What I discovered was acceptance.  I attempted to try on dozens of suits at multiple stores that others seemingly find success in.  Alas, I found myself in a hot sweat from the stress of realizing, nothing fit the way I wanted it to, nothing made me feel comfortable.  I decided to make one last stop into the mall and again tried on dozens, this time mixing and matching every possible combination of swim style available.  It worked.  I ended up coming out with a suit I can wear and feel comfy in as a mom and a woman.
Why am I telling you this?  
Well because I think that many of us struggle in this department.  My final thoughts and conclusion on the matter is don't dread the season or the suit.  Go out and try try again.  They make swimwear today for every possible shape and size.  So be OK with the fact that your "dream suit" or "dream body" may not be happening right now but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel beautiful in your skin.  Find a way to let your assets shine!  And splish splash your way into summer!!!!!!
All pics can be found sourced on my pinterest page. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

That child......

We have all seen them before.  The child who is turned around backwards in the pew staring at anyone who will look at them.  Oh they do all they can to distract and disturb you from focusing on the message at church.  Smiling, Cooing and being so pleasant you find yourself waving and making faces at them.  

That was my child this Sunday.  :0)  It was the first service he had ever been awake for and he couldn't have been better.  With eyes open he looked at everyone and everything.  He especially loved the lights, and staring at the beautiful stained glass windows.  He enjoyed all the singing too.  

It sure makes you count your blessings when your holding one. 

p.s. This little man is unbelievable 12 weeks old!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foto Reel of the Week

Henry had a busy week.
He had lots of time on his back.  He spent lots of time on his back, as he learned he loves to wiggle those arms and legs.
 We attempted tummy time for longer periods than normal every day.  Because this is what he likes to do....
"Hey, Mom Thanks for giving me something to prop my chin on.  Oh hey did you know this lil' pillow tastes good?" 
 He had lots of visits with family and friends.  
He had the pleasure of meeting his Memaw for the very first time along with his 2nd cousin Lori and his great aunt Patty.  
He had his first group play date with Grayson and Harbor.
He had his first two days of "daycare" at BarreAmped and hung out with auntie LeighAnn.
He had his first boat ride ever and got to visit with his Nanny and Pop as well as the whole Miller family as we celebrated Father's Day and Elise's Bday.

He laughed, cooed, and smiled more every day.  
This kids got personality plus.

Um can we say A D O R A B L E?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pregalicious Photoshoot

Our bundle of joy arrived!!!! Here is a view of our maternity pics.

I'm so thankful we took these pics when we did because less than a week later I was put in the hospital on bed rest until littleman arrived.  My lovely sister took these photos.  I've been working on getting them the way I want into a little photobook. (which by the way is time consuming and I need to get much better at this for the future of little guys pictures). 
So here they are.  I loved that belly.  But man oh man is it awesome having him on the outside.  

I had no way of knowing how in love I would be with this baby.  

I wasn't prepared to be a mom when these pics were taken.
But the moment he arrived, God prepared my heart and mind to be the best mom  I can be, one day at a time.  
So in love with what this little belly gave us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Elise!

This weekend we had more than one celebration.   Beyond Father's day we attended my nieces 3rd Birthday Party.  

This is one special little girl.  She has a heart of gold, but lots of spunk.  A smile that can melt you.  She adores all things pink and frilly, as long as it has some dirt as an accessory.  She is something else!

Yes, Auntie Sarah out did all the party attendees by having pink hair. :)

Princess ballpit! 

My lil' sis is such a good mommy, and through a fabulous birthday party!
Happy Birthday Elise Katherine!