Saturday, June 2, 2012

The many faces of Henry Thomas- 2 Months

Yes, I'm speaking the same words that I heard so many others use before me.   "I can't believe he's already two months old."  He seems so much bigger to me now as he grows and changes every day.  It's true, it goes so fast.  
I have enjoyed every day with him and know that I fall more in love with him each day.  The sweet personality that he holds is slowly being revealed.  
With every coo and smile my heart melts.  

This month I learned the emotional toll his growth will have on me, as he stopped wearing newborn diapers and onesies and began filling out his once wrinkly skin.  
He knows us now, and he shows it by looking for us when the sound of our voice enters a room.  
His sweet little neck is gaining strength and he shows it by lifting up when we hold him (which sometimes results in head butting) or doing baby push ups when on his belly.  He knows his routine now and on most nights is able to be put in his crib after being rocked and sung to with eyes open but tired and fall asleep on his own.  From week 6-8 he has grown more alert and is showing us what a calm and happy baby he is.  When he is at his fussiest a quick trip outside usually makes him happy again.  
This boy is a joy beyond anything I've ever dreamed of. 
 So. In. Love.


  1. Your little man is just precious! My husband and I have been having the big baby debate recently, and photos like this make me feel like I am just about ready to take the leap. Adorable!

  2. What a sweet compliment! I will say all the cliche phrases you hear are true. It is the best thing you can ever have happen to you. I have never felt so happy or loved someone/something so much! Best wishes to you all as you think about expansion of the fam!