Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foto Reel of the Week

Henry had a busy week.
He had lots of time on his back.  He spent lots of time on his back, as he learned he loves to wiggle those arms and legs.
 We attempted tummy time for longer periods than normal every day.  Because this is what he likes to do....
"Hey, Mom Thanks for giving me something to prop my chin on.  Oh hey did you know this lil' pillow tastes good?" 
 He had lots of visits with family and friends.  
He had the pleasure of meeting his Memaw for the very first time along with his 2nd cousin Lori and his great aunt Patty.  
He had his first group play date with Grayson and Harbor.
He had his first two days of "daycare" at BarreAmped and hung out with auntie LeighAnn.
He had his first boat ride ever and got to visit with his Nanny and Pop as well as the whole Miller family as we celebrated Father's Day and Elise's Bday.

He laughed, cooed, and smiled more every day.  
This kids got personality plus.

Um can we say A D O R A B L E?

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