Thursday, May 30, 2013

Foto Reel -58

 This week we: 

 Enjoyed a family bike ride. 
 Had fun pushing momma around.
 Felt the summer rain on our skin.
 Bought a new puppy. :)
Celebrated one of my baby cousins graduating.  Off to play baseball for Michigan he goes! 
 Found a love for a new sport.
 Discovered a new way to read.
 We were welcomed into a new world of summer time with some of our favorite boys. 

 We had fun meeting up with our playgroup again.  It had been a while since everyone had gotten together and it's crazy how much all the babies are changing! 

 We've been taking full advantage of the warm weather before the take over by mosquitoes and muggy air. 

"If you're looking for me I'll be behind the trash can mom."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the 8th day God made toys.

Give a boy a cup, and he will find a treasure chest, perfect for putting your most valuable discoveries in.  Things like holly leaves, and twigs need a place tofor safe keeping.
100% Entertainment for hours minutes.  
With his new water table just a few feet away from him Henry found himself completely content and entertained by the simple.  Just a quick reminder to this mommy that God already made some of the best toys we'll ever find.  The possibilities are endless outside.  We are so looking forward to summer!  Last day of school here we come. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

one foot in front of the other.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  
You keep getting better.
The other night we took you to church and you found freedom on those little feet.  In a new environment with wide open spaces you roamed around freely and happily.  I experienced my first push away from you,  as I reached down for you hand and was quickly swatted at.  You let me know you were on your own this time.  
We are watching your steps get a little faster and a little more confident each day.  I could walk for miles following behind you watching those wide steps pound the ground with those little legs.  I love the way your leg extends out and quickly snaps back at the knee like a rubber band as you try to gain speed.  Sometimes you get ahead of yourself and your pretty good at finding that balance before a fall would occur.  
Your little parrot like ways are making us smile in amazement all the time.  Shut the door we say,  "door"  says your little voice.  Do you want some bananas?  we ask, "no" says the little voice.  
Can we have a hug?  "hug"  as little arms wrap us tight.  
Speaking of hugs, you are sweet and affectionate these days.  Coming up to us unannounced to give us a hug around the legs while we are making your dinner or putting things away.  It's a heart melting feeling, and especially when coupled with a sweet staring face looking up at us with through those gorgeous grey eyes. 
You are blowing kisses back at us with gusto, a quick pressed hand to your face and then a huff of air as you blow it away.  
So keep on little one.  You're the best thing we've known.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now you see me....

 When Henry began crawling he found that he enjoyed hiding from us for a game of peek a boo.  The ultimate hiding spot of all hiding spaces quickly became the ottoman and chair in his room.  Now the pitter patter of his feet quickly walk down the hallway and take a beeline for his room at least 10 times a day.  You can guarantee with 100% certainty that when you round the corner to his door his feet are the only sight you will see.  
He has gone from sitting behind the chair, to squatting to now lying down in a sweet military crawl ready for action.  This guy is quickly becoming the super stealthiest hide and seek player I've ever seen.