Thursday, May 30, 2013

Foto Reel -58

 This week we: 

 Enjoyed a family bike ride. 
 Had fun pushing momma around.
 Felt the summer rain on our skin.
 Bought a new puppy. :)
Celebrated one of my baby cousins graduating.  Off to play baseball for Michigan he goes! 
 Found a love for a new sport.
 Discovered a new way to read.
 We were welcomed into a new world of summer time with some of our favorite boys. 

 We had fun meeting up with our playgroup again.  It had been a while since everyone had gotten together and it's crazy how much all the babies are changing! 

 We've been taking full advantage of the warm weather before the take over by mosquitoes and muggy air. 

"If you're looking for me I'll be behind the trash can mom."

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