Friday, May 3, 2013

13 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

13 Months brought us:

  • A little boy who can walk by himself.
  • a true outdoorsmen in miniature form
  • a new tooth and his first moler #teethingisforthebirds
  • babbling sentences that almost sound like real words if you hire an interpreter
  • the cutest little "no" used in the correct context.  (i'm sure there will be a time really soon when it's not so cute)   :/
  • Trying to say words like broccoli, banana, flower, bath, teeth, and telling me he wants his bike whenever the garage door opens.  
  • A self made game of peekaboo played behind mommy's back that never fails to produce giggles.
  • More baby proofing
  • A good little eater for the most part who loves his veggies, fruit, pasta, and cheese.
  • Unexpected returned back to a nightly routine of cuddling in his rocking chair.
  • Enjoying sitting still and listening to books and enjoys interacting with the age old Pat the Bunny.
  • Clapping when story's are over.
  • Clapping for his self for just being plain awesome.  Good Call.

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