Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a silent conversation.

A silent conversation

I’ve had a silent conversation a time or two before, when you find yourself in a moment that words cease to explore.  When the presence of speaking is not needed sometimes the most powerful things are said. 

Since you discovered your voice you have always enjoyed making sounds but for some reason you tend to be a bit of a mute when we are on a walk.  It’s as if your brain is working at too high a capacity as it soaks up all that is surrounding it, no sounds can be uttered. 
Sometimes I talk to you about what we are seeing, I ask you questions, or describe the colors in the flowers approaching our view. 
Other times are quiet, as the sounds of outside fill our ears.   The faint coos and babbles of your voice are usually reserved for the last part of our ride when you’ve taken in all that you can and find comfort in telling the world what you’ve seen.

I wonder so often what is running through your mind.  There are moments of silence when I observe you carefully picking up a rock and placing it right back where you found it where you silently tell me that you like order.  There are the careful steps you are starting to take that show me you're cautious by nature.  There is an outstretched arm reaching towards the geese that tell me you're curious of the creature standing before you.  There are the moments you lean in towards me and lay your head on my shoulder that tell me you have a loving soul.  

Your silence says so much.  I look forward to more conversations with you in the future sweet boy.  

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