Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Guest Blogger! KRC

Wow!  I am completely stoked right now to be the first guest blogger on my Mommy's lil' blog Port of Thoughts!  What an honor!
My name is Keightley Rupp Cooper and I am a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier living and loving life.  Like any dog I enjoy the heck out of being with my family, so when they decided to take me on vacation with them this year I happily packed my bags and hopped in the car.  

I'm up for a good adventure any day of the week and this vacation was full of many firsts for me, most importantly getting to see the beach!  As we make the trip back home I can't help but think about my top moments of the week.  

Making my first 14 hour trip in a car.  I did lots of sleeping, got to pee on the grasses of three different states, and saw my mom's road rage face a few dozen times.
 I met my first lizard.  These little squirmy things were EVERYWHERE!  I got a little up close and personal with one and just when I thought I had a good hold of it, it's tail popped off!  Yuck!  I decided to stay away from them the rest of our trip. 

 I had my first swim in a pool.  Now let me make this clear.  I AM NOT a fan of the water, I simply can't stand the way my fur makes my body look when I'm wet, (you know what I'm talking about).  At the lake I've had my fair share of water encounters and I usually try to keep my life jacket on at all times.

But, my curiosity got the best of me on our first day and I somehow ended up taking a lap from one end of the pool to the next, NOT my type of exercise at all.
Later in the week I was fooled again as my Mom and Dad played with my blue bone in the pool.  It was just to tempting not to make that big leap in. 

I got dressed up as a pirate.  Another instance in my life where my parents entertainment comes at the high cost of my deflated pride.  Come on guys!

I had my first taste of Mahi-Mahi.  I'm a sucker for seafood, and my cute face and little squeals got me just what I wanted.  It's quite a meaty fish.  I might have just found my new favorite.

 I met my first armadillo.  Have you ever seen a more disgusting looking beast in all your life?  Going out for a little walk I spotted one of these things crossing the road.  Is it a overgrown lizard?  A real live Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?  An anteater?  Geez!  Talk about nightmares!

Finally, I got to experience the beach.  Mom and Dad took me at night so that I wouldn't sweat too much (ya know, wet furs are not attractive).  The smells around this place were delightful and I really expected that Mahi-Mahi to jump out of the water at any moment.  The sand was fun to run on but for some reason the water there kept chasing me.  What a bully! 

Speaking of water, I have never tasted such salt in all my life!  It was like licking the leg of Hulk Hogan after a session of hot yoga! 

Lots of excitement was packed into a week for this guy.  Although, I did get to enjoy some relaxing with my family too.  I'm pretty happy about my first big family road trip and would gladly do it again. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm an Adult, Right?

At 27 years old (ok, almost 28), I realize I should feel like an adult.  Barry and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and it doesn't seem possible.  It feels like it's been a year....if that.  I still feel like we are two young kids playing house in this fantasy land.  
Yes I realize I have a job, a husband, and I do adult things like take care of a house, weed the yard, plant a veggie garden, cook my family dinner, go to the grocery, and take out the garbage.  (Ok so maybe it's mostly B who takes out the garbage).  Oh and I can drive my own car where ever I want!  All the while, I feel like a kid.  I guess it's all about perspective though.  How old are you at the age your sitting on?  
Both my mother and mother in law had multiple children at my age.  Is that what makes you feel like an adult?  Many of our friends are having babies (if you haven't noticed from all my posts), and it just seems strange.  How are they old enough to be moms and dads?  I'm certainly not old enough for that.

But maybe it's because I still do things like lock myself out of the house, lose my cell phone, leave my credit card in the ATM, arrive to all events late, and my latest favorite, scorch the buhjeebas out of my backside in the sun.   (Yeah, apparently you should reapply that SPF 50 twice as often if it's July and your in Florida on the beach all day).  OUCH!  When will I learn, huh?
photo courtesy of sodahead

Yes, I guess I'm still growing up,  I'm just wondering if that will ever truly end in this life.  :) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pure Joy of a Newborn

Can be found at the Zeller household right now.  Callan Henry Zeller came into the world with a patriotic heart and will likely be president of the United States some day.  :)  He decided to make his grand entrance on the 4th of July to two wonderful people that B and I couldn't be more happy for.  

We went to visit the little bundle of sweetness last Wednesday for the first time.  The amount of love and happiness filling the Zeller house can be felt as you walk up the front steps to knock on the door. 
Lil' sign a made for the cutie pie. 

Glowing parents, they filled us in on all their fun stories of Callan being home.  We laughed over all the little things that have to be learned through trial and error with a baby.  Ya know those moments that come from the realization that the nurses don't actually come home with you.....nope it's just you and this little baby who can't yet talk but is sure telling you something!  :)   
They seem to be loving every minute, and I can see why.  Callan is about as handsome as they get, and though he never opened his eyes while we were there he let us cuddle him and stare at his big long eyelashes.  Congratulations Jodie And Lindsay!

P.S. Double treat for us, the Zeller house is only a few blocks away from mouth watering happiness.  We stopped in after our visit for our first taste of Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip since they left Lexington.  Fro Yo is so good but nothing can ever beat this cold deliciousness.  :)
Barry decided to mix a lil' Bourbon Ball and Black Raspberry Chip for some extra goodness.  :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Update

We are now in full on relaxation mode.  

We are enjoying the late afternoon rains that cause us to take a nap or find a local beach bar to watch the lightning dance on the water.  They always leave just in time to deliver a colorful and breathtaking sunset.  God sure knows what he's doing.

We have enjoyed the mornings by the pool, and toes in the sand during the day. 

Yes it's safe to say we are quite content at the moment.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain on a Palm Tree

Photo courtesty of Casey Art and Colour

For a week of relaxation and enjoyment we decided to head down to Ft. Myers. We planned on leaving early yesterday but that got pushed back to a 2:30 departure due to a sick dog. After Kman received a shot and antibiotics we hit the road. We have never had a road trip together ( other than the driving we did in California), and thought it would be fun to bring our new bikes and Keightley along a little trek down 75 South.
The drive was long but we made it and had a Jimmy Buffet concert to listen to on Sirius as we drove. We arrived at 5:00 am, delirious and happy to be here. We awoke early to get things together for a nap on the beach.
 Getting ready, involved Barry heading to the grocery while I swept the pool area and got out the patio furniture, which led to a key discovery......
If you leave the lanai to shake off your broom, the door will lock behind you and you might be stuck outside till your husband comes home with the goods. ;)
We packed a cooler and slapped on the ever so important SPF. This is especially necessary when you get down the road to discover black skies and must return quickly to the house before a monsoon hits. Yes, sunscreen helps repel water in case you didn't know.

So here we sit.....

Sunscreen and swimsuits on

Landsharks in hand

Electricity out

And loving life

I'm not doing laundry, I'm not working in the yard, I'm not organizing my disheveled laundry room, I'm not studying, and Barrys not at the office.
I think this rain is Gods way of telling us to partake in a rare activity for us Cooper's, A Nap. :)


  Elizabeth Ann Cooper
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Simple Surprises

I love surprises. BIG or small.  I was never the kid who went looking for my Christmas gifts, though I liked asking for hints.   The thrill that comes before opening a gift gives me tummy tickles of excitement.  

Lately I have noticed a few small surprises in my life that have really brought a smile to my face.  

Have you ever had a pocket surprise?  Ya know, finding a $10 bill in  your coat pocket the first time you put it on for the winter, or your favorite lipstick you left in the pocket of your purse you haven't carried in two years?  
My latest pocket surprise has warmed my heart, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  As I slipped off a pair of shorts I had been working around the yard in, I decided to unbutton one of the side pockets to put something inside. 
To my surprise, I felt something in the pocket and pulled it out.  Tangled around stray threads, lay a diamond cross pendant my grandparents had given me for my college graduation gift.  

I lost the necklace about six months after receiving it, and it was one of those things you lose that just kind of haunts you.  Every time I would think about it I got sad, because it had meant a lot to me coming from them.  I tore my room apart the moment I noticed it missing, as I was certain that was the last place I had seen it.  When we sold that boat I made sure to tell the new owners to keep their eyes peeled for it.
I have worn those shorts off and on for years and somehow the necklace laid safely bound by thread, and sealed with a button, had escaped the washes and wear my shorts had been through.  
This little surprise came on a day where I had stress levels piling high from camp and grad school finals.  I took it as a sign.  What a nice little surprise.  Now it hangs around my neck joining our anniversary pendant. 

About a month ago I had a nice surprise as I began noticing that my vegetable garden had three volunteer tomato plants coming up healthy as could be.  I was happy to find the little sprouts coming out and wondered if they would really produce anything.  Yet, here they are sprouting little grape tomatoes.  I guess it pays off to mix in your compost with your dirt.  :)  

Just this week as I walked around my flower bed picking weeds, I noticed three more little pop surprises.  Yes, tomato plants growing amongst my flowers for no reason I can think of.  This bed is on the opposite end of the yard from the vegetable garden and not even a tiny bit of  compost had been added to the ground there.  Puzzling......but I'll take it! 

Have you been surprised lately? 
Think real hard. 
If we're not careful, those simple surprises can go unnoticed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Floating with the Fam

Coming into July with an attendance record at the houseboat of zero was a little depressing.  Thankfully the docks aligned for us to head down to the boat and enjoy a great weekend with the family.  
My Friday night was spent on the computer as I tried to complete my disaster technology project.  After tears, grunts, calming words from B and a some help from my Mom it was all turned in by deadline and I could finally relax.  I have three weeks before my next and final semester hits me and I plan on soaking them up!  Cheers!
Katie and Elise were down at the boat too and spent the night with us Friday.  We woke up Saturday morning to cloudy skies but had a yummy pancake breakfast and laid around till Elise started demanding to "go him" aka go swim.  :)  We spent most of the afternoon in the water and Mom and Dad took turns showing boats etc at the office.  Elise took her first Sea-Doo ride out of the no wake zone and fell fast asleep I guess that speed is just all too exciting for her!  Elise and Katie left soon after to get the tired little cutie to bed. 

Saturday night involved a sunset cruise, kabobs made by me and B, and a late night spent playing Balderdash with my parents.  :)  On Sunday we headed down to Mill Springs for a swim by the waterfall.  Katie, Lucas, Elise and (almost here Noah) joined us back at the boat for lunch and more swimming.  Elise is such a little fish and just loves singing, splashing and laughing in the water.  
Chris and Christopher came down late in the afternoon and plan to spend the week fishing and relaxing for some good father son time on the water.  What a precious weekend with my blessed and growing family!  :)
 Barry's first taste of Conley Bottom soft serve Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating Us

We had a wonderful anniversary dinner together to celebrate our 4 years of marital bliss.  :)  We both had to work (I was running Camp Invention at our school last week).  So we headed out to Jean Ferris Winery around 6:30 for some great food, wine and a sunset.  I love this place so much.  It feels like your sitting in a place outside of Lexington as you look out onto their beautiful vineyards, watch their chickens run into their coop, and enjoy the amazing landscape and setting they have created.  Each time we have been there the service has been incredible, and I love that they serve a lot of KY Proud items, including the prosciutto we devoured as an appetizer and bourbon soaked cherries with dessert.  Mmmmmm.  We had a bottle of Syrah (our favorite after our CA trip and tastings), which was incredibly delicious yet subtle compared to most Syrah's.  Great conversation and smiles carried us into the night and we both felt so blessed to share the evening together. 
Small things that brightened our day:  
  • a lovely card from Barry's parents
  • a sweetly sung rendition of "Happy Anniversary to You", performed by my parents
  • cheerful texts and messages from friends
  • We felt celebrated and we felt loved.  Thank you!
A bright spot in my night....B picked up that Michael Kors watch I had posted in my wish list a few weeks ago.  Score!  :)