Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Why can't every day be a play day?  
I am being a two year old today throwing a tantrum.  

I don't wanna stay on my computer for hours on end doing grad work.

I don't wanna spend more hours working on stuff for camp.

I don't wanna clean up my house that needs it.

I don't wanna go back to work at the beginning of August.

I don't wanna study for the PRAXIS II

I just want to play, craft, swim, ski, lay in a hammock, and soak up life.  

Pathetic I know.  So many problems in the world and here I am throwing a tantrum.  
Yeah, yeah....I know what your thinking:  At least you have a summer off!

But I can't help it, today I just want to push all work to the side and have a Popsicle.   
Maybe I'll take my computer outside and eat one as I type.....  :)

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