Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cincinnati Reds Start the Fireworks!

Last night we headed to the Cincinnati Reds game with Lauren and Josh.  It was our first game of the season and we were hoping for some greatness since they have been having a good season.  The actual game play was not so fabulous, other than two home runs by Brandon Phillips, the Cleveland Indians took the win home by a long shot.  
But we were not losers.  You can't beat the atmosphere of any ball park, and at the major's level the experience is supersized.  The combined smells of hot dogs, popcorn, bbq, and cotton candy all drifting through the stadium.  The crack of the bat (we liked that sound twice last night), the fans cheering, the kids pounding their fists into a hopeful glove.  It is pure fun.  
The game concluded with an unbelievable fireworks performance.  The night sky was filled with color and we saw two types of fireworks we had never seen before that swirled and split all over the place.  

What a fun and patriotic way to start off the 4th of July weekend!!!!! 

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  1. GREAT firework pictures! Looks like lots of fun! We plan on getting up there for a game soon. Go Reds!