Friday, July 8, 2011

Colored Sugar

I needed the perfect American blue sugar for my 4th of July strawberries but could only find a light blue. So I did what any girl would do, I got a spray bottle, some food dye, and made my own. :)

First things first, get out the desired amount of sugar and spread it on a plate, preferably one with a lipped edge to it.

Get out a spray bottle and Food coloring (mine was Kroger brand), and fill it with about two tablespoons of dye at a time.

Then begin spraying and be careful to hold it far enough away so that it doesn't clump your sugar from the moisture.( not that I did that at first, and had to throw it out or anything)

Continue to spray and stir to get all those little white crystals blue.

Stir some more and then place in an air tight container until your ready to use. Sorry I forget to take a pic of the final product, but you can see it in my red, white and blue strawberry post.

Oh the possibilities are endless. I'm just "dying" to see what creations you all can come up with!

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