Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple Surprises

I love surprises. BIG or small.  I was never the kid who went looking for my Christmas gifts, though I liked asking for hints.   The thrill that comes before opening a gift gives me tummy tickles of excitement.  

Lately I have noticed a few small surprises in my life that have really brought a smile to my face.  

Have you ever had a pocket surprise?  Ya know, finding a $10 bill in  your coat pocket the first time you put it on for the winter, or your favorite lipstick you left in the pocket of your purse you haven't carried in two years?  
My latest pocket surprise has warmed my heart, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  As I slipped off a pair of shorts I had been working around the yard in, I decided to unbutton one of the side pockets to put something inside. 
To my surprise, I felt something in the pocket and pulled it out.  Tangled around stray threads, lay a diamond cross pendant my grandparents had given me for my college graduation gift.  

I lost the necklace about six months after receiving it, and it was one of those things you lose that just kind of haunts you.  Every time I would think about it I got sad, because it had meant a lot to me coming from them.  I tore my room apart the moment I noticed it missing, as I was certain that was the last place I had seen it.  When we sold that boat I made sure to tell the new owners to keep their eyes peeled for it.
I have worn those shorts off and on for years and somehow the necklace laid safely bound by thread, and sealed with a button, had escaped the washes and wear my shorts had been through.  
This little surprise came on a day where I had stress levels piling high from camp and grad school finals.  I took it as a sign.  What a nice little surprise.  Now it hangs around my neck joining our anniversary pendant. 

About a month ago I had a nice surprise as I began noticing that my vegetable garden had three volunteer tomato plants coming up healthy as could be.  I was happy to find the little sprouts coming out and wondered if they would really produce anything.  Yet, here they are sprouting little grape tomatoes.  I guess it pays off to mix in your compost with your dirt.  :)  

Just this week as I walked around my flower bed picking weeds, I noticed three more little pop surprises.  Yes, tomato plants growing amongst my flowers for no reason I can think of.  This bed is on the opposite end of the yard from the vegetable garden and not even a tiny bit of  compost had been added to the ground there.  Puzzling......but I'll take it! 

Have you been surprised lately? 
Think real hard. 
If we're not careful, those simple surprises can go unnoticed.

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