Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm an Adult, Right?

At 27 years old (ok, almost 28), I realize I should feel like an adult.  Barry and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and it doesn't seem possible.  It feels like it's been a year....if that.  I still feel like we are two young kids playing house in this fantasy land.  
Yes I realize I have a job, a husband, and I do adult things like take care of a house, weed the yard, plant a veggie garden, cook my family dinner, go to the grocery, and take out the garbage.  (Ok so maybe it's mostly B who takes out the garbage).  Oh and I can drive my own car where ever I want!  All the while, I feel like a kid.  I guess it's all about perspective though.  How old are you at the age your sitting on?  
Both my mother and mother in law had multiple children at my age.  Is that what makes you feel like an adult?  Many of our friends are having babies (if you haven't noticed from all my posts), and it just seems strange.  How are they old enough to be moms and dads?  I'm certainly not old enough for that.

But maybe it's because I still do things like lock myself out of the house, lose my cell phone, leave my credit card in the ATM, arrive to all events late, and my latest favorite, scorch the buhjeebas out of my backside in the sun.   (Yeah, apparently you should reapply that SPF 50 twice as often if it's July and your in Florida on the beach all day).  OUCH!  When will I learn, huh?
photo courtesy of sodahead

Yes, I guess I'm still growing up,  I'm just wondering if that will ever truly end in this life.  :) 

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  1. My family jokes that you can sit at the kids' table until you become a parent yourself :)