Friday, July 1, 2011

Pre Weekend Fun

Yesterday was just that kind of day I had been looking for.  It began with a 6am workout, time with my husband as he got ready for work, and was followed up with Kate and Laura coming over for breakfast.  We enjoyed the patio in a relaxing fashion.  Toni stopped by and joined us for a while too which was a great surprise!  I absolutely love having friends at our house. 
Kate, Laura and I spent the afternoon at L's pool soaking up rays (with sunscreen on of course) there wasn't a cloud in the sky!
I met B at home and we headed down to Thursday Night Live to meet up with his parents and more friends.  I ran into several people that I hadn't seen in a while including the lovely Teresa and Lindsey from work.  We had dinner with Don and Karen at Cheapside and had a great time as usual.  :)  

Afterwards we met up with Chris, Kate, Walter, Laura and some of C's buds at Nick Ryan's and enjoyed more talks and laughs.  
I am so excited for this 4th of July weekend and even more fun ahead! 

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