Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pure Joy of a Newborn

Can be found at the Zeller household right now.  Callan Henry Zeller came into the world with a patriotic heart and will likely be president of the United States some day.  :)  He decided to make his grand entrance on the 4th of July to two wonderful people that B and I couldn't be more happy for.  

We went to visit the little bundle of sweetness last Wednesday for the first time.  The amount of love and happiness filling the Zeller house can be felt as you walk up the front steps to knock on the door. 
Lil' sign a made for the cutie pie. 

Glowing parents, they filled us in on all their fun stories of Callan being home.  We laughed over all the little things that have to be learned through trial and error with a baby.  Ya know those moments that come from the realization that the nurses don't actually come home with you.....nope it's just you and this little baby who can't yet talk but is sure telling you something!  :)   
They seem to be loving every minute, and I can see why.  Callan is about as handsome as they get, and though he never opened his eyes while we were there he let us cuddle him and stare at his big long eyelashes.  Congratulations Jodie And Lindsay!

P.S. Double treat for us, the Zeller house is only a few blocks away from mouth watering happiness.  We stopped in after our visit for our first taste of Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip since they left Lexington.  Fro Yo is so good but nothing can ever beat this cold deliciousness.  :)
Barry decided to mix a lil' Bourbon Ball and Black Raspberry Chip for some extra goodness.  :)


  1. Nothing beats Graeter's. Well, maybe cute newborns :)