Friday, September 28, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-25

I know I say it every week, but this one was really a blur.   I felt busier than usual (hence the one blog post all week) and can't wait to cuddle my little man for the next three days straight.  
Emotionally this week has been harder than others as a momma.  My little precious is growing up, and it seems like the tiny ways he can change in one day really add up.  Knowing I can never go back to what was before makes me a little sentimental but I love each new moment we are in. 
In the past three days he has begun sitting in a semi stable way when we play on the floor or have him on our laps.  He is reaching for everything and has really gotten the hang of being a big boy and eating his cereal.  Because of his new love for trying to sit and strengthening abs, our bath time has become interesting, not sure how long the little whale tub will last us now.  
I took less pics than usual......which for this Mommarazi is saying something.  :)  But here is a cap on our week.  
His first pair of big boy baby shoes.  I think he looked uber handsome in this outfit showing off his meaty lil' legs.
He has become more independent during play time and is giving his exersaucer a run for it's money.  

 We enjoyed a taste of fall weather last Friday in the brisk morning air with Leigh-Ann and Savannah.  Both babies sported their hats and looked cute as a pair of buttons. 
 He showed off his fabulous smile and growing love for giggles. 
 He passed out.  On more than one occassion, if only we could make that happen at night more often.  :)
 He has become a professional pianist on his first instrument evah!  Looks like Mommy and Daddy will be getting serenaded this evening. 
Welcome to the weekend!  We will be out enjoying the 70 degree highs and hopefully sporting scarves in the mornings.  Yay FALL!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Filling the Calendar With Family

Well it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting pictures from our busy weekend.  We were go, go, go with non stop family fun.  Which I guess has carried over into my work week.  I am happily looking forward to Friday.

Friday night we celebrated my brother in laws 35th birthday.
Saturday we made our way out into the countryside where we could breath in the cool fall air as we watched my little cousin get married.  Surrounded by horses and swaying willow branches they said their I Do's under a crisp blue sky.
It was a great evening to see my Mom's side of the family with aunt's and cousins that we don't often see.  Henry couldn't have been better, waking half way through the service he never made a peep.  His pleasant disposition and voice could be heard through the wedding speeches. 

My good lookin' family.  :)   What a handsome daddy and beautiful mommy I have.
Sunday we put our invisible cloaks on and hid on a patio as we joined all 26 of my aunts, uncles and cousins for a surprise party honoring my Pepaw.  He was completely caught off guard and pleasantly surprised!  My aunt Cindy created the theme and hosted an Around the World in 80 Days party to celebrate his 80th bday.  My Granny's birthday is the day before his and so we had double the fun partying along!
Each family took a different country and made food from that area and created a tablescape to go with it.  
The pictures can't do this spread of food justice.  It was all amazing.

Mexico brought a pinata.  I couldn't imagine anything more fun on your 80th birthday than to hit a pinata can you?
And this is what was in the pinata. 
Ok, well minus the kids. 
Henry had the pleasure of meeting his uncle Greg and cousin Anna for the first time.
What a fabulous family we have been blessed with.  The weekend was crazy busy but these are the moments and memories I'll cherish years down the road.  I feel so blessed to have this family, and especially blessed to have the most perfect Pepaw whom I had the pleasure of seeing turn 80.  :)  Lucky me.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-24

Foto Reel Friday week 24.  
Another huge week for us here with two milestones going on!
He tried food for the first time, getting his taste of cereal and loving it!
 I was completely surprised by his excitement and big boy moves.  I had to hold his hands down to keep him from trying to grab the spoon and shovel it in himself. 
He cut his second tooth to get him ready for chomping on bigger and better things.  :)
He had a nice visit with his great grandparents on their birthday week!  (they both celebrate big days this weekend!  :)   

 Had good amounts of male bonding as he wrestled his daddy.
 Attended his first tailgate in our backyard. 
Wore sunglasses like a cool dude.
 He attended a birthday party that involved hanging with some of the coolest dudes in town, big and small.  
Along with his body his personality is growing.  This boy gets more cuddly, funny, goofy, and sweet with each passing day.  
 He enjoyed an afternoon walk that involved a hoodie as he experienced his first taste of fall ever!
 Had a visit from his sweet auntie Sarah who love him so.
 Happy Friday Ya'll!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eat This!

Apparently we are on the fast track to growing up in this house because we're doing doing big things in this house.  Yep we're growing teeth and taking names! eating rice cereal in this house.
We were told at our 4month appointment that Henry could start rice cereal and then begin slowly introduced to other foods anytime between then and 6 months.  I didn't want to try to early, and frankly nursing is just so fuss free and easy we didn't want to mess up a good thing.  So here we are at 24 weeks trying things out.  Here is how it went down:
 Sunday night- Over zealous, health fanatic, tree loving momma decides to MAKE his first rice cereal.  Using organic brown rice we beat that stuff to a pulp in our food processor and added some breast milk.  The result was a face that let us know he might punch us if we tried it again.....
so we did
and then quickly stopped with exactly three bites and one gag reflex activated.  

Monday night- Over zealous, health loving momma picked up some Earth's Best organic brown rice cereal.  Followed directions that took all of 20 seconds to make, and fed it to our baby boy.  The result, he ate bite, after bite, after bite.  
he even tried to grab the spoon and shovel it in himself.

Baby eating cereal bonus?  the teething lil' babe who has given us the sleep of zombies this past week slept 11 hours waking only once at 5am to nurse.  
Let's hope this is not a flook but a miracle like result of rice.  

Something about seeing his mouth wrap around a spoon makes him look so grown up.  

I mean is this not a classic drivers license photo?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

and then there were two

At 23 weeks we have now cut our 2nd tooth.

Yes he's ready to chomp on some corn and chew into a PB&J.  He hasn't enjoyed it's arrival and has let us know the last few nights how uncomfortable it is making him feel.  His first tooth is now visible when he laughs or grins and it couldn't be more precious.
He's officially a big boy. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Foto Reel Friday - 23

Our week in fotos....
We discovered that striped pants on a baby may need to be a staple around this house.
We found our living room toy bombed on a daily basis.  
And after a long/busy week we are happy to welcome the weekend! 
This little man has gotten more talkative than ever this week.  He also learned to yell, which he finds to be rather hilarious.  :)  So do we.  
And the Love grows....more this week than the last.

 Happy Friday!