Friday, September 7, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-22

It's Foto Reel Friday, Our week in pics.

We headed to the lake to spend time on the houseboat with the Miller crew.  :)  Isaac was suppose to heave all it's nastiness on us but instead timed it right to deliver perfect sunset clouds and shade in between steamy sun in the afternoon.

Henry sure enjoyed his time with Nanny & Pop as well as the whole gang.

 Henry was Game Day ready as we kicked off the start to college football season.
 Another milestone was met as we hit the 5month of cuteness mark.

 We started a routine last week that has continued on into this one.  about 4-5 o'clock Henry gets tired but fights a nap.  ( I think it's because he has missed me all day and is dying to see me)  :)  So I take him to his room put some tunes on and sing.  Now normally he sleeps to Bach or Tchaichovsky but to get him into dream world I have discovered he prefers the likes of Adele, Coldplay, The Black Keyes, or Foster the People.  Yep, anything you can tap your toe to. 
 This is the result.  And Bonus for our neighbors, they get to hear a concert sung by me when walking by our house.
 We were blessed with a few moments to spend with this fabulous crew.  Last time we saw them was our trip to L.A. when Lulu was 8 months old now she's an older sister, and a gorgeous one at that. 
 His furry head became..........well, Fuzzier. 
 I cherished a napping sweet pea in my arms.
 He got in some good reading time with Daddy.
A complete doll face.  ForealzyCakes!

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