Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eat This!

Apparently we are on the fast track to growing up in this house because we're doing doing big things in this house.  Yep we're growing teeth and taking names! eating rice cereal in this house.
We were told at our 4month appointment that Henry could start rice cereal and then begin slowly introduced to other foods anytime between then and 6 months.  I didn't want to try to early, and frankly nursing is just so fuss free and easy we didn't want to mess up a good thing.  So here we are at 24 weeks trying things out.  Here is how it went down:
 Sunday night- Over zealous, health fanatic, tree loving momma decides to MAKE his first rice cereal.  Using organic brown rice we beat that stuff to a pulp in our food processor and added some breast milk.  The result was a face that let us know he might punch us if we tried it again.....
so we did
and then quickly stopped with exactly three bites and one gag reflex activated.  

Monday night- Over zealous, health loving momma picked up some Earth's Best organic brown rice cereal.  Followed directions that took all of 20 seconds to make, and fed it to our baby boy.  The result, he ate bite, after bite, after bite.  
he even tried to grab the spoon and shovel it in himself.

Baby eating cereal bonus?  the teething lil' babe who has given us the sleep of zombies this past week slept 11 hours waking only once at 5am to nurse.  
Let's hope this is not a flook but a miracle like result of rice.  

Something about seeing his mouth wrap around a spoon makes him look so grown up.  

I mean is this not a classic drivers license photo?  


  1. I love the bumbo. I know it is getting a lot of bad press but we used it for all four and it was awesome. Such a cutie!

  2. Slept 11 hours?! I'm buying my bubs some rice cereal pronto!!

  3. If you are interested in making his food when he starts that, check out this website I always found it super easy to steam and puree real food, and both my kids loved it. I also have some tricks for when he starts eating steamed finger foods if texture throws him off. Congrats on the next milestone!

  4. LOL! So cute! He's like GIVE ME MORE FOOD MOMMA :)

  5. Ha!
    Oh I remember rice cereal..

    Julie @ Naptime Review