Sunday, October 30, 2016

Law maker and a rule breaker

There's going to be a high speed chase in our neighborhood this halloween.  
Thief!!!! Stop right there!!!
Henry has had his heart set on being a police officer for months now.  I get a kick out of themes so as long as I can get away with dressing them together for Halloween it's going to happen.  It was Henry's idea that she be the "bad guy in jail" so we dusted off the sewing machine, grabbed odds and ends around the house and made the cutest little jail bird you ever did see.  
I was a bit nervous when I finished up her wings and she completely refused to wear them.  (gulp)  A bit of coaxing and encouragement from neighbors and family helped get it on the first time.  Then a trip to the libraries costume party made it completely cool in her book; seeing other kiddos dressed up made her grin.
 Look she's getting away!
 Not so fast little miss!
Oh this jail bird is a professional escape artist!
 Too bad the police officer is always one step ahead of her.
 or behind her....

When the officer has had his fill of the chase he hones in teaches this jail bird a lesson.
 The forest treasure thief strikes again...
 But will she get away with it ?
 Not if officer Cooper has something to say about it.

 Out come the cuffs....
 He means business.
 The jail bird attempts one last escape....
 I'm so excited to watch these two get all the treats this Halloween.  What a joy it is to watch our children play pretend, imagine and dress up.  It brings back a nostalgia for me and the years of fun I had as a child in costume.  These are the milk and honey moments we are privileged to taste as parents.  I wouldn't mind tasting their Halloween candy either...... :)