Friday, October 7, 2016

Turning two. Mallie Lynn Estelle

Birthday celebrating with friends and family was oh so fun but the day of her birthday was even sweeter.  
We started with chocolate chip birthday pancakes and a happy birthday song.  She was so excited it made my heart smile just watching.  Her big brother sang happy birthday to her on his guitar while I danced and held her at 8:54 ringing in her 2nd year of life with a big emotional swing.  We had a blessed morning at church and then headed out to a nearby pumpkin patch and farm for the afternoon.
 We gave the birthday girl her gifts from and enjoyed watching her stroll around.  She has only recently become interested in baby dolls and loved all her new babies and accessories to take care of them.
 The boys showed her some love with a game of tickle tackle.  If only pictures could capture the contagious sounds of her giggles.

 One of the sweetest moments of her day was brought to us by daddy.  He came home with a beautifully wrapped package from a special little store in town.  Walking around looking for an heirloom gift for his little princess, he decided on a perfect silver horsey charm.  I adore how tenderly and thoughtfully this man loves his family.  What a gift he is to our lives, and I pray she sees that agape kind of love through him and settles for nothing less.
 But daddy is it chocolate?
This girl is loved by many, and so very lucky to have these boys around to protect and care for her.

She had a blast at the little farm too.  As soon as we got out of the car she noticed two horses in a nearby field.  When we walked over to the fence they quickly trotted over to us to say hello.  Gentle and friendly as they were everyone took turns petting them but the birthday girl.  She giggled nervously, smiled, and also repeated the words no, no, no, yet she didn't want to walk away.  Just when she would begin to warm up again one of them would bray and startle her again.  It was a sweet and unexpected little birthday gift.
 Then it was off to the pumpkins that excited her so.
She got lost in her first corn maze.
 and yes we seriously got lost.
 We met a few more furry friends, learned there stories and talked to them for a while.  She was happy to try and throw hay into stalls and dance around for them.
 This gal had quite the day and it was gloriously topped off with another happy birthday ditty.  As a sliced piece of her cake was being handed to her she announce "I unt candles".  So we lit, and sang one last time and the little birthday girl went to be feeling quite fine.  

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