Friday, October 21, 2016

Punkin Punkin who wants a punkin?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons....but I kinda say that about them all.  There is something so deliciously comfortable about this time of year as the air gets crisp and families settle into festivities so joyful you know the holidays are just around the corner.  It's the beginning of a wonderful time of year.  With fall comes a list of fun to do's a mile long and it can feel kinda busy.  
Buy Pumpkins and decorate
make apple cider
make chili
bake pumpkin bread
head to the pumpkin patch
get lost in a corn maze
paint pumpkins
Buy more pumpkins to decorate with cause I can't get enough
pumpkin spice coffee (everyday)
caramel apples
crunch in a pile of leaves
take a drive to see the fall colors
So last week we checked off the pumpkin patch and had the best time!  
This little punkin ran from one round orange gourd to the other with excitement.
Henry carried himself like the pumpkin patch pro he is.  
She practiced being a big big girl while trying to pick up every big pumpkin she saw.  
 I got my love tank filled getting to dress the part for fall festivities and enjoy my punkin punkins!
 This was our 5th year out at Boyd's Orchard riding on this little train.  We always look forward to it and seeing the man who drives it.  Our very first year out with Henry just a babe we arrived just as the train was shutting down.  The gentle hearted man gave us a ride anyway, just our family and without even handing over a ticket.  Every year he offers the same kindness, enthusiasm, and gentle spirit.  I am hoping I can remember to bake this man a loaf of pumpkin bread next year or track him down sometime between now and then to let him know how much he's appreciated.
 Apple cider in pumpkin jugs....always the hit of the patch!
 Leaping hay stacks.
 Henry has become our resident photographer and I love being able to snap a pic of me and my favorite.  
The difference a year makes is known all to well to parents everywhere.  
Our pumpkins last year.  *insert tear
 It's always a delight to walk through the pumpkin patch and choose your own.  Henry had been asking for this for a week.  We had a search for the great pumpkin and came out with two.  :)
 Pumpkin cups filled with apple cider, one of the other reasons he loves coming here; well besides the pirate ship, train ride, and doughnuts!
The kiddos had fun painting their little orange treasures and finding a place to display them.  Now we're ready to tackle the next bit of fall fun on our list!

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