Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mallie Lynn's 2nd B-day Pony Party.

We had the pleasure of celebrating our little sweet princess' 2nd birthday.  It was such a joyous day!  For our horse loving lady we couldn't think of  a better birthday party than to celebrate with ponies.  
 We felt so blessed as we looked back on our past two years with Mallie Lynn.  She could literally only tolerate eating a banana when she turned one.  Our struggles with food and getting her G.I. issues understood were something that we had learned to cope with and expected to deal with for a while.  For some reason we were lucky, we were blessed with a year of gaining foods.  Her successful food trials over time gave us a 2 year old birthday party only avoiding soy and dairy.  Glory to God in the highest, our girl can eat, she loves to eat, and we are no longer afraid.  From a fake felt cake at her first birthday to a full blown chocolate cake.  We are forever thankful.
 Because of companies like Earth Balance I was able to make soy and dairy free sugar cookies complete with pretty royal icing that she adored!  She wanted all the "pink uns" and the "hoases".
 I was also able to adapt my favorite chocolate cake recipe to be soy and dairy free as well.  I also called on my talented and sweet friend Vicki Gaver to decorate the cake with our soy/dairy free ingredients.  She hit it out of the park!  It was important to me that this day felt special, that we celebrated how far she had come, and just how thankful we are for answered prayers.
Miss Priss sure was all smiles from the start of her day till the end.  She really understood that it was her special day.  All week long when I would tell her "this is for your birthday party" she would excitedly let out a "Yay!"

There was as much fun with friends as a two year old could handle at the M.L. Corral.  Dressing up, making food in the shed, running in a horse race, being serenaded by big brother and smashing a piñata.

The little lady loved munching her pretty horse cookies.  She may or may not have eaten four of them and only voluntarily put one down when it was time for her "chocit cake".  
Sweet family moments were her greatest gift; great grandparents and grandparents who adore her and make her smile.  She loved opening presents and telling everyone "thank koo" too.  
To bad none of the boys had fun.  

It was the perfect day celebrating our sweet and sassy girl.  She is such a ball of sunshine and we are so thankful for all of the people in her life who love and adore her.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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