Tuesday, December 12, 2017

TWO Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - RPC

This little gift right here is growing larger by the day.  
 "and stronger too mama, look at these muscles!"
 "Oh and these eyes too, tell them about how I've learned to flash these baby blues and melt hearts."
 "My GQ cover look is my personal fave, it took me a few days of mirror time to perfect it. "
 "Back to those muscles though, I mean flexing this hard at 2 months is nothing to be shy about."
 "or is it?"
"By the way, I heard a rumor that Christmas is this month and there are presents involved; something about being good?"
 "Something about I better watch out???"
"and I better not cry????"
"surely that doesn't pertain to babies.......right?"  Have I been good mama?"
Oh Ford, you've been wonderful.  
Weight - 11.4lbs
Height - 24in
Loves- A lot has changed this past month and you have found more to love out of life.  You are in love with eating, being held upright, having your bottom patted to calm you down, lying on your back, pat-a-cake, your brother and sister, being talked to, being worn in a baby wrap, baths, and the Christmas tree lights! 

Sleep:  Whoah!  what a change in the world of sleep!  You've come out of your cave and are no longer in hibernation mode.  You're awake more than you are asleep during the day and currently take one good morning nap and then cat nap the rest of the day; unless you're being worn in a baby carrier or driven around in a car.  

Feeding: Nursing has brought us some challenges as we watched your belly problems ramp up even after I had taken dairy and soy out of my diet.  After a week of watching you scream through waves of belly pain, pulling up your legs, and trying to sleep but not able to because you were uncomfy, I decided to make more changes.  Maybe my mama brain is tainted from the memories of your sisters belly issues but it didn't take a rocket scientist to see you in that state to figure out you were hurting.  After consulting with our pediatrician and listening to some mama instincts I decided to pull more foods.  After making the correlation between a few foods I was eating more of than normal because of the dairy/soy restriction I thought those may be the culprit but unable to pinpoint which one I did all the top allergens, plus two I ate daily and had seemed to follow up with more fussy times.  NO-dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, chicken, beef, peanut, shellfish, sweet potato, or oatmeal. 
Within two days of our dietary changes we noticed a difference!  14 days later and it has only continued to be the case.  You started having happy awake times, smiling, less gas, no more screaming with leg pulls, or screaming yourself awake instead of sleeping.  Diapers have also improved and to me show an association between normal bowel movements and a happy baby.  You went from having a bowel movement once in 4-7 days to having one a day!  So we are staying this course and I am going to begin adding one of the offending foods back in every week till we discover what might be an intolerance.  You've also had a kinda nasty cough for two weeks that has made nursing a bit more challenging too.
You still nurse often and because you refuse a paci I am sometimes that too but I'm a snacker too so I can't really fault you for not wanting a big meal, can I? 

Awake: You love being awake these days and though we have seen you awake and unhappy this month, we have also seen a lot more awake and happy too.  You have started flashing your smile and are becoming quite the little mover and shaker!  You love to move your arms around and kick your leggies.  You prefer to be held over anything and enjoy being talked to or even read to.  

Dislikes: being cold, having gas, coughing, thrush medicine on your poor little tongue,  not being fed fast enough, your car seat (unless it's morning nap time).   

Size: Whoah!  You're really starting to fill out and grow some rolls!  You are gaining weight quickly and from our doctors visits this month it seems like you are gaining a pound a week.  At two months you were 11.4lbs and 24 inches long!!! 

Milestones: SMILING!  Oh my goodness your open mouth smile and big grin are the best!  You love to flash them when we talk to you, play pat-a-cake, or your brother and sister hang out with ya.  You've also started trying to chew on your fist and it's pretty cute.  A little coo here and there and I can't wait for more of them!

You are such a sweet and delightful soul and I love you something fierce.  I am so thankful that we we've made progress this month and I'm loving getting to see your personality come alive.  You are a calm, cool, and collected little dude and I think your disposition is to be happy.  
This time last year I had no idea we would be blessed with another child.  It was such a sweet thought as we got out our Christmas decorations and ornaments and saw the difference a year can make.  5 stockings, and new ornaments to hang make this Christmas the best one yet.  I love you so and plan to enjoy every second of this season with my favorite gift this year.  
Love for Always,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The details found in love.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away we were a family of four.  Then God decided to stretch our hearts, and make room for one more.  
We couldn't have known what life would be like as a family numbered odd not even.  But unwrapping the package of love bundled up in Ford has given us all a glimpse at the knowledge we are all meant for so much more.  Our expectations of what is good and perfect will always be outdone by our creator.