Sunday, February 24, 2013

Foto Reel -46

 I had the pleasure of going on a date with this man and celebrating our 6 year engagement anniversary.  :) 
 Henry helped Reagan celebrate her 1st birthday and got to see some pals while there.  She showed him the ropes on how to take down that cake. 
 Snuggles and smiles were given and received. 
 Personality plus over here just continues to shine.  One of his new favorite games is to chase or be chased. :)
 We are still fascinated and quite entertained by cause and effect. 
 Somehow I woke up one morning and there was a little boy, not a baby in my arms.  Complete with fabulous little boy crazy morning hair.
 Did I say he has a personality?  
 I got a sweet treat on Presidents day when the three of us headed out to lunch. 
 Coopa' da Hoopa' part 2?
 We had our biggest bath time fun yet when we broke out the glowsticks.  Quite the hit.
This handsome devil angel is seriously getting more serious yet more goofy each day.  How is that possible?  Isn't that an oximoron?  Well if you've met Henry you would know.  Sometimes you can be both.  
Bring on week 47. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013




It doesn't matter what kind of job you have everyone can have a stressful day.  And at the end of mine a little unwind time can't really get better than this.  
This past week we had a small glimpse of spring. 
The promise of hope and renewed life is right around the corner.  The suns rays hang on to the end of a day just a little longer than the evening before.  
I could get use to this little walk of heaven each night.  
Hurry along spring.  We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Foto Reel - 45

 This scrunchy face began appearing more and more frequently.  We're still not quite sure what it means.
 This little stud got dressed up for a date night at home for his first Valentine's Day.
 He is filling out his big boy pants more and more each day.  Discovering his home from all sorts of new heights. 
 And looking studly while he does so.
 We had the best Valentine's day I have ever known.  Two handsome boys in my life and a whole new level of love to celebrate. 

 Scrunchy nose.  It simply cracks us up. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom has a love for life.  She is passionate and energetic.  She is strong and kind.  Thoughtful and talented.  She is a nurturer to the core.  And a parrothead to through and through. 
Thank you for being all this and more.  For teaching me what kind of mom I want and need to be.  Thanks for being you. 
Happy Birthday Mommy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The girl with 2 Valentines.

What a lucky lady.  I have two Valentines this year and I don't have to keep either one a secret.  ;)

My little Valentine,
        You are the product and definition of true love.  Evidence of the love created between your father and I and proof of the love our God has for us; answering prayers with wonderful and perfect you. 
       You have filled my heart with an abundence of joy.  Every day I get to know you more, love you more, and cherish the gift that you are.  I found a 2nd dimension of love when I met your father, and now with you life is lived in 3D.  It is a complete kind of love that gave me a better understanding of the world and the people in it.
       I hope you feel my love now and always.  I hope you know that you're that it runs deeper than the dirt on this earth and higher than the clouds in our sky. It is louder than a lions roar, and wider than the ocean.  I hope you feel my love now and always.  It is has more magic than a rabbit hat, and is brighter than the sun.  It is bigger than the great blue whale, and can soar with the grace of an eagle.  I hope you feel my love now and always.  I hope it is enough; To make you feel safe, special, important, and secure all the days of your life. 
      Whenever you are doubtful of who you are in this world just remember that feeling that you had back when you were young.  When in the dark and hollow quiet I held you oh so tight and whispered in your ears that I love you with all my might. 


Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Judge

Picking up Henry from church nursery today I was happy to hear a good report.  We have had a long road getting here.  He has had his share of number calls on the screen to be picked up in the middle of service.  Red puffy eyes, snotty nose, completely out of breath cries.  :(
It's made our treks to church a bit difficult to say the least.
Not to long ago they discovered he is happy when he is placed in a stroller and rolled all around the church basement.  Hey, whatever works.
So I found him happily strolling along checking out the other kids as I entered the nursery.  They reported on how well he had done and that he had even took a 30 minute NAP?  Score!
As I picked him up to squeeze him and kiss on those pillow like cheeks they let me know they had a nick name for him.
The Judge.
Apparently he is Mr. Serious in his thrown of a stroller and stares down the other kids for the entire 75 minutes.
This smiling happy boy can be so serious.  I love that about him.  Anytime we are around an unfamiliar environment/people he gets a very Sherlock type of look about him.  Even if I want a smile from him I know I'm going to have to work for it.  I think it means he's a genius.  I think he's soaking up every bit of this world he doesn't already compute as recognizable to his brain.  I think being serious and studious is quite a great quality to have my son.  
Look out world when he let's you see his giggly, open mouth, tooth baring smiles.  You're going to melt.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Foto Reel -44

This week we found fun in forts.
We headed down the parkway with the entire Cooper clan in tow to make a visit to Western Kentucky.  We were unable to go after Christmas due to the robbery and were in need of a nice visit.  We didn't get too far before we began to see cars all over the road  and watched a few slide off into ditches right before our eyes.  We played it safe and turned the car around.  
We were disappointed not to be able to visit family but decided to make the most of our day.  We had an impromptu family party right then and there as we watched the snowflakes fall and the fire roar in the fireplace.   
Barry and uncle Chris showed Henry how to make a good pot of chili.   Gotta love some boy bonding time.
 This pretty white blanket covered the ground.
 and We watched as the wonderment of a falling snow filled this little angels' eyes. 
 We made the most of our snowy little wonderland. 
We had a much needed visit with my parents and and grandparents.  Henry had the chance to show off his crawling and cruising skills.  
This week Henry became more chatty.  He tries so hard to tell us what is on his little mind and is using more phonemes in multiple combinations and is now saying dog.  (I'm surprised he doesn't call Keightley stop it!) :) 
He really enjoys crawling after us as a game now and will follow us around the house.  I'm getting use to the sweet sound of little tiny palms slapping against the hardwood floor.