Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

 We're gonna play this game a little differently this month.
 Yeah you wear it!
 ewwwieyyyeeeee now the sticker is wearing furs.

 Hey taste this for me.
 This was the result of putting the sticker on him for .98 seconds.

 Ok you win.
 Come on guys can't you see how much fun I'm having?
 I mean really I touch this thing and it is an instant non stop high five.

 What do you mean it's my birthday?
 Could you just give us a few minutes

 Gosh I'm cute!
 No really, look at me!
 I mean I'm not sure but I think I could get paid for people to look at me. 
 Yep, the big bucks.
 And I'm suave, natural finesse here.
 Let's play a little game called hide the sticker.
 I bet you'll never guess where I put it.
 Oh ok to obvious?  I'll try somewhere else.
 Nah this is it.
 Up we go.
 This chair is so bouncy!

 Alright let's do some mountain climbers.


10 months brought us:
  • Crawling! He's mobile and we have seen him gain a little more speed each day!
  • With mobility came curiosity as he explored every nook, cranny, crum, and crevice of the house.
  • Feeling the need to hold fingers and walk everywhere.
  • Teething continued as he worked on tooth number 7 and 8.  
  • Speaking!!!
  • He began waving and within the last week has begun saying bye bye whenever anyone leaves or shuts a door.   Though he has babbled and said dadadada and mamama for a while this is the first time he has understood what he's saying.  
  • He also started saying ball and uh oh but not on a completely consistent basis.  
  • We began experimenting with more table foods.  Dinner time eating tends to be a struggle but he enjoys snacking on cut up fruit and absolutely loved fish!
  • What a big boy we have on our hands! 

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  1. Gosh I can't believe he has all those teeth now, he definitely surpassed Raegan : ) Maybe he will take a break and let you get some sleep soon!