Thursday, February 14, 2013

The girl with 2 Valentines.

What a lucky lady.  I have two Valentines this year and I don't have to keep either one a secret.  ;)

My little Valentine,
        You are the product and definition of true love.  Evidence of the love created between your father and I and proof of the love our God has for us; answering prayers with wonderful and perfect you. 
       You have filled my heart with an abundence of joy.  Every day I get to know you more, love you more, and cherish the gift that you are.  I found a 2nd dimension of love when I met your father, and now with you life is lived in 3D.  It is a complete kind of love that gave me a better understanding of the world and the people in it.
       I hope you feel my love now and always.  I hope you know that you're that it runs deeper than the dirt on this earth and higher than the clouds in our sky. It is louder than a lions roar, and wider than the ocean.  I hope you feel my love now and always.  It is has more magic than a rabbit hat, and is brighter than the sun.  It is bigger than the great blue whale, and can soar with the grace of an eagle.  I hope you feel my love now and always.  I hope it is enough; To make you feel safe, special, important, and secure all the days of your life. 
      Whenever you are doubtful of who you are in this world just remember that feeling that you had back when you were young.  When in the dark and hollow quiet I held you oh so tight and whispered in your ears that I love you with all my might. 


Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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