Monday, February 11, 2013

The Judge

Picking up Henry from church nursery today I was happy to hear a good report.  We have had a long road getting here.  He has had his share of number calls on the screen to be picked up in the middle of service.  Red puffy eyes, snotty nose, completely out of breath cries.  :(
It's made our treks to church a bit difficult to say the least.
Not to long ago they discovered he is happy when he is placed in a stroller and rolled all around the church basement.  Hey, whatever works.
So I found him happily strolling along checking out the other kids as I entered the nursery.  They reported on how well he had done and that he had even took a 30 minute NAP?  Score!
As I picked him up to squeeze him and kiss on those pillow like cheeks they let me know they had a nick name for him.
The Judge.
Apparently he is Mr. Serious in his thrown of a stroller and stares down the other kids for the entire 75 minutes.
This smiling happy boy can be so serious.  I love that about him.  Anytime we are around an unfamiliar environment/people he gets a very Sherlock type of look about him.  Even if I want a smile from him I know I'm going to have to work for it.  I think it means he's a genius.  I think he's soaking up every bit of this world he doesn't already compute as recognizable to his brain.  I think being serious and studious is quite a great quality to have my son.  
Look out world when he let's you see his giggly, open mouth, tooth baring smiles.  You're going to melt.

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